Feng Shui Your Garden For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, May 4, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 288 pages
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You stroll out into your backyard. You see a tangle of overgrown shrubs, a lawn that needed to be mowed yesterday, and a series of rosebushes minus the roses. Or maybe you’ve just taken possession of your brand-new house in a brand-new subdivision, and when you step out the back door, all you see is a vista of sod – and in the far distance, the neighbor’s sapling. Either way, you know that you want to do something to your yard, and soon. But you’re not quite sure what or how.

Feng Shui Your Garden For Dummies has the answer. This ancient Chinese philosophy of design can be applied to any room, building, or outdoor space, and it doesn’t require burning incense or belief in bizarre, esoteric ideas. Feng Shui Your Garden For Dummies is for you if you

  • Have a yard, garden, or piece of outdoor space
  • Know that your surroundings influence how you feel
  • Want to design a friendly, welcoming outdoor space

Feng Shui Your Garden For Dummies is organized so that the information is easy to find and easy to use. Each part of the book relates to a general topic. You'll discover information about:

  • Understanding the principles of Feng Shui, to give you some hints about getting the energy flowing in your garden (can you feel those good vibes?)
  • Getting started on your Feng Shui garden, by choosing an auspicious (favorable) location for your garden, creating positive energy with your plants, and raising the energy by inviting wildlife into it
  • Creating a theme garden, such as an aromatherapy garden, hummingbird garden, butterfly garden, or Zen garden. You'll also gain insight into gardening in tight spaces such as patios, rooftops, and courtyards

Feng Shui is just a way of looking at the world and shaping your environment to be pleasing and welcoming to you. You don’t even have to believe in it for it to work. But it does work. Let this book show you how.


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Conventions Used in This Book
Foolish Assumptions
Getting Started on Your Feng Shui Garden
Thematically Speaking Feng Shui and Theme Gardens
Where to Go from Here
Part I
Chapter 1
Considering Plants to Use with Caution
Spiny plants
Hanging plants
Chapter 11
Attracting Birds to Your Garden
Using birdhouses
Placing bird feeders
Theyre out there

Grooving with chi and other Feng Shui principles
Knowing the benefits of Feng Shui
Choosing a function and a location for your garden
Making sure you have a plan that works for you
Carrying Out Your Plan
Going au naturel
Seasoning your garden
Chapter 2
The Essence of Feng Shui
Yinyang in action
The Design Schools of Feng Shui
The Black Sect school
Which end is up? The Compass school
Troubleshooting chi movement
Placing Plants Perfectly
Chapter 3
Chi Wally whats that for?
But what can it do for me?
Making the Five Elements work together
Balancing the Five Elements in your garden
The Life Sectors
Mapping it out
Raising the chi in a Life Sector
Chapter 4
Why Should I Feng Shui My Garden?
Even skeptics can benefit
Inviting Chi into Your Garden
Doors gates and archways
Fixing wideopen spaces
No chi dont leave so soon
Cornering chi
Keeping the Chi Coming
Part II
Chapter 5
Figuring Out Your Gardens Purpose
Making a garden for relaxation
Entertaining others in your garden
Gardening for fun and profit
Combining more than one function
Identifying inappropriate locations
Judging the impact of the surrounding environment
Getting the most auspicious shape
Designing Your Garden around Your Home
Chapter 6
Creating a New Plan for Your Old Garden
Making a Feng Shui garden plan
Using the Bagua to Enhance Chi
Fame sector
Relationships sector
Children sector
Helpful People sector
Career sector
Knowledge sector
Wealth sector
Tai Chi sector
Water element
Wood element
Metal element
Fire element
Chapter 7
Practicing Natural Pest and Disease Control
Controlling pests
Combating disease
Getting Rid of Weeds
Building the Soil
Composting for success
Fertilizing your garden frugally
Conserving Water
Waterwise gardening
Building Your Garden with Natural Materials
Chapter 8
Springing into Action
Thinking about early spring
Looking forward to late spring
Savoring Summers Lazy Days
Maintaining late summer highlights
Featuring Fall Foliage
Managing midautumn unexpectedness
Looking to late fall marvels
Warming Up for Next Year During Winter
Maximizing midwinter quiet
Chapter 9
Knowing what you want
The chicken or the egg?
Making a work calendar
Loving LowMaintenance Gardening
Choosing carefree plants
Growing a garden with minimal effort
For Serious Gardeners Only
Preventing gardening burnout
Part III
Chapter 10
Planting healthy native plants
Following Feng Shui principles
Bringing Mammals into the Garden
Understanding mammals
Oh Deer What to do with too many mammals?
When one species gets out of hand
Creating a Wildlife Refuge
Supplying shelter from the storm
Chapter 12
Spotting and Solving Challenges
Clearing the clutter
Using Feng Shui Cures
The right cure that is
Setting intentions to cure Feng Shui problems
Part IV
Chapter 13
Herbs 101
Picking Your Plants
Choosing nonedible herbs
Focusing on aromatherapy
Avoiding certain plants
Chapter 14
Reading the Hummingbird Résumé
Giving your hummingbirds extra fuel
Helping hummingbirds nest
Plants that attract hummingbirds
Keeping Feng Shui principles in mind
Chapter 15
Thinking like a butterfly when planting your garden
Morphing through the life cycle of a butterfly
Coaxing Butterflies to Visit
Providing supplemental nectar
Knowing why butterflies stay
Balancing Living Energy with Still Energy
Chapter 16
Whats a Zen Garden?
Designing with Tranquility in Mind
Contemplating the location
Keeping out noise and activity
The Essence of Zen Gardening
Choosing the rocks
Creating the Zen Landscape with Simple Objects
Using native plants to create a Zen garden
Keeping Your Zen Garden Feng ShuiFriendly
Letting the chi enter your garden
Chapter 17
Understanding What a Taoist Garden Is
Stones water and trees
Open spaces
Planning and Creating Your Own Taoist Garden
Putting away the clippers
Creating a rockery
Seeing the garden from different angles
Incorporating the house into the garden
Chapter 18
Placing the Garden in the Best Location
Making the garden user friendly
Planning for Your Needs
Inventorying your eating habits
Planting according to the Bagua
Giving some away
Caring for the garden
Increasing the gardening season
Using science and technology the Feng Shui way
Chapter 19
Planning a SmallSpace Garden
Assessing your situation
Choosing a theme andor function
Applying the Bagua anywhere
Carrying Out Your Plan
Making the most of a small ground plot
Choosing plants that dont mind cramped quarters
Caring for a Small Garden
Curing Feng Shui Problems in a Small Space
Part V
Chapter 20
Knowing What You Want
Playing With the Color Purple
Wooden You Know?
Planting a Money Tree
Thanking the Universe
Chapter 21
Clearing the Clutter
Using the Power of Intention
Inviting Living Energy into Your Garden
Water Water Everywhere
Moving Around
Chapter 22
Having Harmonious Intentions
Finding the Harmony Sector
Harmonizing the People Sectors
Shaping Up the Elements
Nourishing the Elements

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About the author (2011)

Jennifer Lawler is the author of Martial Arts For Dummies and the coauthor of ASVAB For Dummies.

Holly Ziegler is a real estate broker, Feng Shui instructor and consultant, and coauthor of Feng Shui Your Workspace For Dummies.

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