Feral Attraction

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Samhain Publishing, Limited, 2009 - Fiction - 213 pages
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Claiming Their Mate: Luke heard them before he saw them and when they finally came into view he laughed as his brother came around the corner of the house, or rather limped around the corner of the house, with a very angry, very loud mate, ass end up over his shoulder. Put me down you rotten, no good- Jules demanded, her words punctuated by the blows she rained over Gabes back but cut short by the hard smack of his hand on her ass. Ow! Damn you! You have no right- I have every right, Jules. Settle down! When she failed to comply he smacked her ass again, this time harder, which only made her fight him more. Damn it, I said stop! he yelled when her fist connected with his kidney; she was no match for a Lion in his prime but her blows packed enough punch to bruise. Thats enough. As soon as we get you home Im going to paddle your bare ass until its bright red if you dont stop acting like this. Home? she screeched. Im not going home with you. Im not going anywhere with you. Let me go! Need some help, Gabe? The smile in Lukes voice was as big as the one on his face. Take her bags, he grunted, tossing his brother her duffle and computer case. What are you so damn happy about? That she decided to sneak out the back instead of coming out the front. Luke caught the bags with one hand, reaching out to tug on Jules hair hanging over his brothers ass with the other as Gabe came up next to him. Luke laughed again as Jules swatted blindly at him, letting out another screech. If she had come my way Id be the one limping, not you. Luke, make him put me down. He cant do this. Jules arched her neck, raising her head to look at Luke. She had always thought of him as the more reasonable brother and hopedto find help in his quarter. The smug smile creasing

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