Field Exercise and Evolutions of the Army

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William Clowes, 1824 - 335 pages
This is a revision of the principles of tactics formulated by David Dundas for the British Army.

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This manual was used to train the British soldier in 1824. It is similar to the U.S. Tactical manuals of the same period. It is a handy reference for the study of military tactics in the first quarter of the nineteenth century.


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Page 6 - Turn, place the right heel against the hollow of the left foot, keeping the shoulders square to the front. On the word Two, raise the toes, and turn a quarter circle to the left on both -- heels, which must be pressed together.
Page 9 - Rear — When steady, the left foot is brought gently back (without a jerk), the left knee a little bent, the left toe brought close to the right heel. The left foot in this position will not be so flat as to the front, as the toe will be a little depressed.
Page 21 - The outward wheeling man steps the usual pace of 30 inches, the whole observe the same time, but each man shortening his step in proportion as he is nearer to the standing flank on which the wheel is made. During the wheel, the whole remain closed to the standing flank, that is, they touch, without incommoding their neighbour...
Page 39 - ... he will move upon with accuracy ; and, as he approaches the nearest of those points, he must from time to time choose fresh ones in the original direction, which he will by this means preserve, never having fewer than two such points to move upon. If no object in the true line can be ascertained, his own squareness of the person must determine the direction of march.
Page 13 - ... and proceeds to take the next step in the same manner; the whole with perfect precision of time, shoulders kept square, knees not bent, and in the true line on which the body is formed. At the word...
Page 251 - Piquets will get under arms in the morning an hour before daylight ; and if every thing appears quiet in front, the officer will, as soon as he can discern objects distinctly, proceed to occupy the same posts that he held the day before ; but he must previously send forward...
Page 135 - WHEN the companies join, and the battalion is formed, there is to be no interval between any of them, grenadier, light company, or other ; but every part of the front of the battalion should be equally strong. Each company which makes a part of the same line, and is to act in it, must be formed and arranged in the same manner.
Page 6 - Place the hollow of the right foot smartly against the left heel, keeping the shoulders square to the front. 2nd. Raise the toes, and turn a quarter circle to the right on both heels, which must be kept close together.
Page 311 - ... .The Adjutant will also cause points to be marked, at suitable distances, for the wheelings of the divisions : so that their right flanks, in marching past, shall only be about four paces from the camp-color, where it is supposed the reviewing officer places himself to receive the salute.
Page 34 - ... the division in its proper position. The other files must be careful that their right arms do not get beyond the centre of the men's backs who...

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