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The Constitution, regular Elections,
two Parties, Checks and Balances, our
brilliant Founding Fathers created this
Nation through a Revolution to end all
Revolutions. But did they?

What about America’s westward expansion
at the early nineteenth century? Was
its excess within what the Constitution
envisioned? The Civil War – it was as near
a Revolution as it could get, but it failed to
split or change the governance of America.
What about exceeding Constitutional
limits through the ‘New Deal’ and the
‘Great Society’ (from Wilson, Roosevelt
to Johnson)? What about the Republican’s
claim Kennedy stole his Election, just as
the Democrats claim ‘W’ (G.W. Bush)
stole his as well.

So we never ever had a Coup d’état or
another Revolution in America?

This time it was different! A President
was shot and seriously wounded.
Opportunistically a cabal took over his
Administration. Ignoring Constitutional
provisions of succession, they kept him
sequestered at a secret, CIA operated
location; then with Unions’ help stole an
Election – a Coup d’état! This held until
a group of Patriots located and freed the
President; he returned and battled to regain
his elected position. Yes, they even fought a
battle on the White House Grounds roiling
the massed population. It was America’s
Fifth Revolution!

A Novel

Could it happen, or was it ‘Orson Well’s
War of the Worlds’ all over again?


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