Fiftieth Anniversary of the Coparternership of Crocker & Brewster: November 1, 1868

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G.C. Rand & Avery, 1869 - Booksellers and bookselling - 32 pages
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Page 10 - bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you
Page 8 - the mighty ; and he tha't ruleth his own spirit, than he that taketh a city.
Page 29 - of April. If you will come to the office at eleven o'clock (he was then mayor of the city, and his office was in the Old State House) I will give you my check for the whole amount, and you shall go and settle it for me.
Page 28 - building. In this state of the case, Mr. Armstrong wished me to look over the bills and vouchers. I did so, and was satisfied that they were all correct. He then asked my opinion as to what he ought to do. He clearly was under no legal obligation to pay more than the contract price, and I did not wish to give
Page 16 - with me on the scarcity of money, and the high rate of interest, said that he had received several communications complaining that this insurance office was loaning money, and exacting more than the legal interest. I thereupon stated that I had no doubt of it ; that the company in question had demanded two per cent
Page 23 - and twenty-six house-lots in the upper part of the city. In consequence of these discoveries, though I had purposed to be absent from Boston but six or seven days, I was obliged to remain in New York as many months. I finally disposed of the property to Messrs. Jonathan Leavitt and Daniel Appleton, who were
Page 27 - has had the care of the funds of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, in which time they have increased from thirty-three thousand to two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars, reckoning the actual cost of the present investments, while the real value of them is much greater. He is president of another charitable society and
Page 16 - The president of the company called on him ; and I was given as the authority. The President then called on me, and, in a loud and excited manner, stated that it was a false and libellous article, and ordered me to contradict it at once, or I should be prosecuted for a libel on the Company,
Page 8 - and there is not, probably, a family of your many friends represented here this evening, the members of which have not been benefited by the kinds of useful knowledge you have been engaged in sending through the community. I may also, in behalf of all here present, speak to you as
Page 28 - that he had better pay the full actual cost of the house. " Then," said he, " you really think I had better pay it, though I am not

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