Fifty Years of International Socialism (Routledge Revivals)

Routledge, 1 ago. 2014 - 239 páginas

First published 1935, this title presents a series of recollections, some intimately personal, others bearing on the great social, cultural and political issues that faced the Jews and the European population more generally during the first part of the twentieth century. The author specifically focuses on differing attitudes towards the rise of Socialism in Europe, and the fate of nineteenth-century politics in the face of the tumultuous revolutions and counter-revolutions that arose in the aftermath of the First World War.


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The LureandPeril of Mobility
Jewish Education III Lifein aPolish Town
AJewish Soldier V Relations between Jew and Gentile
Ina Christian School
A Love Affair
The Rise of AntiSemitism
Conservative Social Reform
Talks with Leipzig Scholars
United States andSocialist Parties XX Foreign Affairs 190111 XXI Reform or Revolution XXII Conversations onMarx XXIII Mr Gladstone andLabour
Interviewwith Lenin XXV Problems of United States and Britain
Studies in British Socialism
An Alien Enemy
Berlin During the
Germany in Defeat
Macchiavelli on Revolution
Marxism andthe International

ASocial Democratic Editor
Eleanor Marx and Amy Levy
Frederick Engels
TheBeginnings of the London School of Economics
Jean Jaurès as Orator
Initiation into English Politics
Interview with Emile Zola
Jews and Social Revolutionary Movements
An Adventurous
A Revolutionary Idealist
Money as Social Nexus
In Moscow 192728
Heinrich HeineonNazism XXXVII TheNazi CounterRevolution
Retrospect and Some Conclusions
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