Fifty Years' Correspondence, Inglish, French, and Lattin, in Proze and Verse; Between Geniusses Ov Boath Sexes, and James Elphinston: In Eight Pocket-vollumes, Including an Appendix Miscellaneous. Dhe Oridginal Letters, To' be Seen in Dhe Hands Ov Dhe Edditor. ...

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W. Ritchardson; T. Boosey; J. Deighton; W. Clark; by N.R. Cheyn; and P. Hil, Eddinburrough, 1794
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Page 257 - ... hanged. In your letter to Pope, you agree that a regard for fame becomes a man more towards his Exit, than at his Entrance into life ; and yet you confefs, that the longer you live, the more you...
Page 274 - I, thefe great flights of birds that are perpetually hovering about the bridge, and fettling upon it, from time to time ? I fee vultures, harpies, ravens, cormorants, and, among many other feathered creatures, feveral little winged boys, that perch in great numbers upon the middie arches.
Page 275 - I here fetched a deep figh; alas, faid I, Man was made in vain! How is he given away to mifery and mortality; tortured in life, and fwallowed up in death! The genius being moved with...
Page 17 - Sir, page (I think) 207, 5 les garded reccolleccion seems to' hav expozed our cellebrated frend, az if rattelling in a manner at wonce unwordhy ov himself, and inconsistent widh dhat kindnes, hwich so onnored me, hwen I first intimated my translacion ov Marsial, az warmly to...
Page 26 - Scotland, upon particcular biznes. I fhal (I hope) be in town aguen erly in October ; and fhal dhen be glad to' hav a conference widh yoo. Yoo may depend on my acquainting yoo ov dhe time, hwen it wil be in my power to
Page 16 - I found too much real enjoyment, not to' hint a few petty instances, in hwich dhe next ediscion may be rendered stil more wordhy dhe candor, conspiccuous in yoor labors. Ov dhe two' letters to' me, dhe transpozal waz innocent, az won chanced to

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