Filets: A Literary Treat for Gourmet Appetites

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AuthorHouse, 2012 - Reference - 144 pages
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QUERY FILETS, a literary treat for gourmet appetites FILETS, consists of 49 poems given in contemporary prose and concludes with a long, short story entitled WAIT UNTIL SPRING. The hardcover book is 135 pages long and is also available in soft cover and as an e-book edition. This is not a cookbook, but it does feature appetizing treats that cover a cafeteria selection of subjects of interest to any curious reader with a yen for variety and humor. Politics, romance, environment, philosophy, psychology, sex, all those subjects constitute a fervent poetic pursuit by the author in Part 1 of the book. The names of the persons of the drama are so thinly disguised you will identify some of the stars of the shows at a single glance: Rough Gumballs, Master of Histrionics at the Mike; Newter the Tooter, whose truths really are stranger than fiction and who is a Master of Myths Good as Mile; Glenn Peckerwood, whose blackboard masterpieces are but pentagrams chalked up in Upper Chambers where the script will be viewed by future historians as graphs for laughs and difficult of comprehension. These characters do their patriotic best to add more fuel to an economic fire not unlike the one that consumed Rome. Given the fact that the triumphs of our former Commander-in-Chief and his congress contributed a lion's share of the forces that changed the Greenback into a Hunchback, how else can these aforementioned luminaries work their will to anymore of our further detriment than by removing from the electorate all reasonable caretaker responsibility in their behalf, for which mission governments are created? ______________________________________________________________________________ Following are a few prime cuts from FILETS' menu to orient the reader to the varied contents of the book: LOVELIGHT : "...She warmed his cold soul with new adoration, A love as long and sure within him As the lambent glow of quiet gold." p.32 COVER GIRL: "a gorgeous sinner of attraction" p.22 THE CANDIDATE or SYMPHONY FROM THE NEWT WORLD: Clearly a case in which a speaker can "overspeak" to the point, an oral contraceptive is well advised. p.5 ( Not to be confused with THE ORAL ART OF PASSING GAS, a key to understanding the Speaker's spoken word.) p.110 THE NADER AFFAIR : Nader's affair with Sara Lee; she's " sweet and plenty of dough!" p.12 NICOTINE KNOCKOUT IN MY LOCAL, HOME OWNED MASSAGE SALON : Can one mix bliss with smoke rings? Just how far down Tobacco Road is non-smoker willing to go? p.2 ON THE LOVELIFE OF AN OPHRYS ORCHID: shows how torrid flower power is really as aphrodisiac. The wasp gets his dorsal tickled, making that bloom a real passion flower by turning this flight into an obvious mission of love, a phenomenon in Nature known as pollination. p.34 MY DUNES DAY: An environmental tragedy if there ever was one. What it was, in those days of yesteryear, was as ancient landscape with the memory of trolley tracks and artifacts, bent pennies and fudge sticks, raging, inlet winds (as the poem goes) and a steamy still life, totally void of AC. The pavilion was filled with couples on the dance floor, their hot bodies fused into an amalgam caused by the summer heat and hi-test-tosterone raging in the pulse of youthful desire Tragedy followed when entrepreneurs brought in backhoes to change the face of the beach and make sand dunes look like salt flats. Trolley tracks vanished in favor of, as mentioned in the Ralph Nader poem (p.12), beneficiaries of the fast food fad and the first instance of hot dogs being made with unwanted chicken parts (cry fowl!). Eventually, the beach was built over- or overbuilt-- so that the proximity of the next door neighbors enabled friendships to be cemented house-to-house by each homeowner's opening a window and giving one another a g

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After graduating from Davidson College, the author lived in Germany for two years and attended the Interpreters' Institute of the University of Heidelberg where he was enrolled as a student of the German language and literature. He holds a Certificate of Proficiency in German from that institution. The author lives in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina and was in the employ of MJ Soffe Co. as one of the company's sales managers until June 2006. He is married to his only wife, Anne, who was Director of United Way of Cumberland County. Following her retirement she continues on a part time basis as an administrator of the Youth Growth Stock Trust sponsored by United Way. The couple have two children and two grandchildren. Awards include two consecutive second prizes in the short story competition sponsored by the Tar Heel Writers' Roundtable and honorable mentions in the International Poetry Competition and the First Annual Poetry Contest, sponsored by the Clover Collection of Verse and W.E. Houck & Company, publishers, respectively. Inasmuch as this publication is intended to reverse a bad trend, (see MY EPITAPH, p.1) prospective readers are encouraged to purchase one copy of this book for every room in the house.

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