Financial Supply Chain

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Tata McGraw-Hill Education, 2008 - Business logistics - 221 pages

Commercial transactions result in exchange of goods. The reconciliation, however, takes place through transfer of money between the banks of buyer and seller. This process creates delays and leads to sub-optimization of the supply chain network. By integrating physical with the financial supply chain, enormous operational and working capital efficiencies would be generated.

The book defines the concept of financial supply chain on the basis of existing practices and changes that are taking place at banks and businesses. An account of leading players and cases from real-life illustrate the opportunities and benefits of financial supply chain services. The book also serves as a guide to banks and corporates to create services under the umbrella of financial supply chain. Finally as money is closely linked to obligations and law – the book outlines the legal framework surrounding such offering from banks.

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The Revolutionary Changes
eFinancial Supply ChainBanks Perspective
Early Players in the eFinancial Supply Chain
Case Studies on eFinancial Supply Chain
Legal Aspects of eFinancial Supply Chain
Law of Jurisdiction
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