Finding God in a Godless World

Xulon Press, 2007 - 124 Seiten
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This book is about my personal search for God, and is an account of how God became more than just an abstract notion to me. It is also a narrative detailing how I arrived at my unique interpretation of heaven and hell and my reason for believing that we have always existed in the mind of God. I explain how I eventually came to terms with the mind-numbing concepts of eternity and infinity. My original intent was to compile some personal thoughts for my children to read later in their lives. I want them to ponder God's awesomeness and think about the true purpose of life. I also want them to remember how important it was for me to have put God into the center of my life during a difficult time. If this book helps just one person find God in this godless world, then it has served its purpose admirably well.

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