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Library, 1898 - 224 pages
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Page 14 - Contents : — First Impressions of Rome — The Illyrian Emperors and their Land — Augusta Treverorum— The Goths at Ravenna— Race and Language — The Byzantine Empire — First Impressions of Athens — Mediaeval and Modern Greece— The Southern Slaves— Sicilian Cycles— The Normans at Palermo.
Page 38 - Register and Chronicle of the Abbey of Aberconway. Chronicle of the Rebellion in Lincolnshire, in 1470. Bull of Pope Innocent VIII. on the Marriage of Henry VII. with Elizabeth of York. Journal of the Siege of Rouen, in 1591. Letter of George Fleetwood, describing the Battle of Lutzen and death of Gustavus Adolphus. Diary of Dr. Edward Lake, Chaplain and Tutor to the Princesses Mary and Anne, 1677—1678.
Page 19 - III, 458-464. 1252. (May 2.) Letter of Joseph of Cancy, Treasurer of the House of the Hospital of Jerusalem, at Acre, to Walter of St. Martin's. Matthew Paris, III, 420-422. 1252. Letter of William of Orleans to Richard, Bishop of Chichester. Ibid., II, 504. 1281. Letter from Sir Joseph de Cancy, Knight of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, to King Edward I. Published by the Palestine Pilgrims
Page 38 - Account of expenses of John of Brabant and Henry and Thomas of Lancaster, 1292-93.— Household account of the princess Elizabeth, 1551-52. — Request and suite of a true-hearted Englishman ; written by Wm. Cholmeley, »553. — Discovery of the Jesuits' college at Clerkenwell in March, 1627-28.
Page 15 - Contents: Francis Parkman. — Historical grouping. — Spirit of research.— Historical industries.— Historical monographs. — Historical testimony. — Historical style. — Lafayette's tour in 1824.— Monroe and the Rhea letter.
Page 175 - The Monroe doctrine. — The third-term tradition,— The political depravity of the fathers.— The riotous career of the Know-nothings. — The framers and the framing of the constitution. — Washington's inauguration. — A century of constitutional interpretation. — A century's struggle for silver.— Is sound finance possible under popular government? — Franklin in France. — How the British left New York.
Page 138 - ... gorget stone" dug up in Buck's County, Perm., in 1872, which shows a carving representing a fight between Indians and the hairy mammoth, which we are also asked to accept as genuine. What is recognized as an ancient burial mound of the Senecas is described at some length in GS Conover's Reasons why the State should acquire the famous burial mound of the Seneca Indians (1888).
Page 14 - Moltke before Metz.— The dark days of Sedan.— Ambush against ambush.— Paris in prostration.— The crushing of the commune.
Page 15 - Masaniello. — Prince Rupert. — Benyowsky. — Tamerlane.— Marino Faliero.— Bayard.— Lithgow.— Jacqueline de Laguette. — Vidocq. — Lochiel. — Casanova.
Page 14 - Francein 1789 and 1889.— The city,— Rome revisited.— Impressions of Athens. — Constantinople as an historic city. — Problem of Constantinople.— Paris as an historic city. — Transformation of Paris.— Transformation of London.— Sacredness of ancient buildings.— Paléographie purism.

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