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Use in Literature FilibusteringThese filibusters were generally the most worthless and desperate vagabonds to be found in all the Southern States.ndash;John S.C. Abbott in David Crockett.Ferdinand, thrown upon Paris, led a filibustering life whose chances might bring him to the scaffold, to fortune, the bar, the army, commerce, or domestic life.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau.It was the old filibustering idea, revived under the most unfavorable circumstances, of fighting for their own hand, dragging the European name in the dirt, and founding an independent authority of some vague, undefinable and transitory character.ndash;Demetrius Charles Boulger in China.The bathing is here excellent: natural breakwaters of black rock exclude the shark. The place derives its gruesome name from olden days, when the smooth waters and the abundant fish and fruit tempted the fiery filibusters to a relache.ndash;Richard Burton in To the Gold Coast for Gold.Dictators and filibusters flourished in spite of us.ndash;Wilkie Collins in Poor Miss Finch.It has revived my interest and belief in all such beautiful things as buried treasures and hidden cities and shooting men against stone walls and filibusters.ndash;Richard Harding Davis in Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis.No longer was David of a mind to sue the filibusters if they did not put him ashore.ndash;Richard Harding Davis in The Red Cross Girl.On the opposite shore of that broad harbor at the place of rendezvous a little band of Cubans waited to receive the filibusters. The goal was in sight.ndash;Richard Harding Davis in The Red Cross Girl.The scout was McGraw, the Kansas cowboy, who had halted Aiken and myself the day we first met with the filibusters.ndash;Richard Harding Davis in A Charmed Life.This was the camp of the filibusters.ndash;Richard Harding Davis in Captain Macklin (His Memoirs).

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