Fire Insurance: A Book of Instructions for the Use of Agents in the United States

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Pub. at the office of the Insurance monitor, 1870 - Fire insurance agents - 116 pages

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Page 107 - Insurance may justly be deemed one of the noblest creations of human genius. From a lofty height it surveys and protects the commerce of the world. It scans the heavens ; it consults the seasons; it interrogates the ocean, and, regardless of its terrors or caprice, defines its perils and circumscribes its storms. It extends its cares to every part of the habitable globe, studies the usage of every nation, explores every coast, and sounds every harbor.
Page 107 - Founding on these vast materials its skillful calculations, secure of the result, it thus addresses the hesitating merchant, ' dismiss your anxiety and fears ; these are misfortunes that humanity may deplore, but cannot prevent or alleviate. Such are not the disasters you dread to encounter. Trust in me and they shall not reach you. Summon all your resources, put forth all your skill, and with unfaltering courage, pursue your adventures. Succeed, your riches are enlarged ; fail, they shall not be...
Page 107 - ... adventures. Succeed, and your riches are enlarged; fail, and they shall not be diminished. My wealth shall supply your loss. Rely on me, and for your sake, at my bidding, the arm of your enemies shall be paralyzed, and the dangers of the ocean or the flaming pile cease to exist.
Page 110 - In no contract is one party more completely at the mercy of another than the underwriter in insurance. He is necessarily ignorant of facts and circumstances that may be vital to the risk, and hence open to the fraud of designing men, who may withhold or misrepresent 'material
Page 107 - The merchant listens and obeys, and is rewarded. Thousands, tempted by his success, follow his example. Those whom it had long separated, the ocean now unites. The quarters of the world approach each other, and are bound by the permanent ties of mutual interest and mutual benefit.
Page 94 - It is understood and agreed that in case of loss under this policy this Company shall be liable only for such proportion of the whole loss as the amount of this insurance bears to the cash value of the whole property herein described, at the time of the fire. — Lightning Clause.
Page 97 - The policy provided for a renewal, but provided that " in case there shall have been any Increase of hazard it must be made known to the company by the assured at the time of renewal, otherwise this policy shall be void.
Page 60 - And the assured agree to rebuild or repair said premises in as short a time as the nature of the case will admit.
Page 90 - Insurance against fire upon mortgaged real estate issued to the mortgagee upon "her interest as mortgagee," it was provided that "in case of loss the assured shall assign to this company an interest in said mortgage equal to the amount of loss paid." The mortgage contained the usual clause for insurance by the mortgagor, and in case of default provided that the mortgagee might make such insurance and the premiums paid should be deemed secured by the mortgage. The...
Page 111 - Stone, with heavy fire-walls ; metal, slate or tile roof; cornice, if any, of metal or stone ; and the doors and shutters over all openings) front and rear, made of heavy iron. Class B is the next best construction, being similar to Class A, except in the iron doors and shutters.

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