First Beast 666

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AuthorHouse, Aug 16, 2012 - Body, Mind & Spirit
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You are forewarned that ownership of this magickal tome is forbidden. Enter here and suffer the wrath of existence. This is the realm of the beast revealed through the sacred number of evolution 666, "Scraps from the masters table for all to find in the shadows of the gates of hell".
The secrets revealed in this text transcend the concepts of mortal consciousness. No more potent a talisman has ever been granted to magickians and laymen alike. Therefore prepare yourself seeker, nomad, taker, to find the primrose of lucifers garden planted throughout the soilwork of these hallowed pages.
Within this book you will find various occult subjects such as magick, ancient Egyptian knowledge, Tree of Life, taro, iching, The book of the law, numerology, etc. It is in essense a system of magick to be used in all areas of ritual, divination, invokation and evokation, consecration, and attributes for all of your personal knowledge.
There are the secrets of stardguardians, being from ancient realms sent to guide humanity through the course of nature. The misery of the slave-Gods will not visit this hall of truth and all will be witnessed by the mark of the beast.

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