First Book Of Zoology

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Page 194 - XVIII. The Nature of Light: With a General Account of Physical Optics.
Page 201 - ANIMAL MECHANISM. A Treatise on Terrestrial and Aerial Locomotion. By EJ MAREY. With 117 Illustrations. Price, $1.75. No. 12. THE HISTORY OF THE CONFLICT BETWEEN RELIGION AND SCIENCE. By JOHN WM. DRAPER, MD, LL. D., author of " The Intellectual Development of Europe.
Page 195 - Forthcoming Volumes. Prof. W. KiNGDON CLIFFORD, MA The First Principles of the Exact Sciences explained to the Non-mathematical. Prof. TH HUXLEY, LL.D., FRS Bodily Motion and Consciousness.
Page 195 - Prof. LACAZE-DUTHIERS. Zoology since Cuvier. Prof. BERTHELOT. Chemical Synthesis. Prof. J. ROSENTHAL. General Physiology of Muscles and Nerves. Prof. JAMES D. DANA, MA, LL.D. On Cephalization ; or, Head-Characters in the Gradation and Progress of Life.
Page 196 - ... proceeds as it has begun, it will more than fulfil the promise given to the reading public in its prospectus. The first volume, by Professor Tyndall, was a model of lucid and attractive scientific- exposition ; and now we have a second, by Mr. Walter Bagehot, which is not only very lucid and charming, but also original and suggestive in the highest degree. Nowhere since the publication of Sir Henry Maine's 'Ancient Law/ have we seen so many fruitful thoughts suggested in the course of a couple...
Page 195 - BASTIAN, MD, FRS The Brain as an Organ of Mind. Prof. AC RAMSAY, LL.D., FRS Earth Sculpture : Hills, Valleys, Mountains, Plains, Rivers, Lakes ; how they were Produced, and how they have been Destroyed.
Page 191 - Standard Scientific Text-Books. Youmans's First Book of Botany. Designed to cultivate the Observing Powers of Children. By ELIZA A. YOUMANS. i2mo. 183 pages. $x.oo. This little book has proved a wonderful success, and is emphatically a step in the right direction. Although it has been issued but a short time, it has been adopted for use in the cities of Chicago, St.
Page 198 - Herbert Spencer is unquestionably the foremost living thinker in the psychological and sociological fields, and this volume is an important contribution to the science of -which it treats. ... It will prove more popular than any of its author's other creations, for it is more plainly addressed to the people and has a more practical and less speculative cast. It will require thought, but it is well worth thinking about.
Page 198 - They have heard of changes in the science; the clash of the battle of old and new theories has stirred them from afar. The tidings, too, had come that the old had given way ; and little more than this they knew. . . . Prof. Cooke's * New Chemistry* must do wide service in bringing to close sight the little known and the longed for.
Page 199 - Most persons claim to know how to walk, but few could explain the mechanical principles involved in this most ordinary transaction, and . will be surprised that the movements of bipeds and quadrupeds, the darting and rushing motion of fish, and the erratic flight of the denizens of the air, are not only anologous, but can be reduced to similar formula.

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