First Things First: I'll Encourage Myself, Then I'll Encourage You

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Dog Ear Publishing, 2007 - 108 من الصفحات
There are times in our lives when we all must feel somewhat discouraged. Sometimes this discouragement comes at the most inopportune times. During this state of feeling discouraged, we are often in the position of having to encourage other people. First Things First: I'll Encourage Myself, And Then I'll Encourage You, is a book that can actually be used as a tool to help you uplift yourself, as well as other people that surround you. This book, by Pastor Billy Oatman, is based upon the story of the Biblical character, David, when he had to face a most difficult situation. This book explains in detail the circumstances that led to David's plight, and the solution that God had given him. This book tells the exciting story of David's recovery from a certain disaster that not only affected him and his family, but also the families of his men. William (Billy) Oatman, III is an ordained elder in the Church of God in Christ. He has been involved in ministry for over 40 years. He served as the Minister of Music for numerous churches that crossed denominational lines. He has also been a professional photographer for a record company and also specialized in photographing weddings and church events. Pastor Billy Oatman is the Pastor and Founder of Living Water Family Bible Center, Inc., located in Carteret, N.J. He is also the President and CEO of Living Water Family Outreach, Inc., a Not for Profit Community Development Corporation. Pastor Billy is also an instructor for the Charles Harrison Mason Bible Institute in New Jersey, which prepares individuals for the ministry. Pastor Billy is married to Missionary Rosemary Oatman, and is the father of five children, Minister William Oatman, IV, Missionary Ongelique Oatman-Campbell, Minister Moses Oatman, Anthony Oatman, and Talayia Oatman.

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When The Beloved Dont Feel Loved Davids Early Life
Between Rocks Slippery Stones And Hard Places David Seeks Refuge Among His Enemies
Finding Straight Paths In Crooked Places David Dwells In Ziklag
How Did I Get Into This Mess? The Enemy Has Taken Davids Family
Real Men Dont Cry Yeah Right Sure David And His Men Face Emotional Stress
How Can I Fly When Im Soul Low? David Feels Pain Down In His Soul Yet Has To Lift His Mens Spirit
Be the Bishop of Your Own Situation David Takes Responsibility For His Own Plight
It Takes More Than A Flashy Outfit David Wears The Ephod of The High Priest
What Is He And Who Is He To You? David Calls On The LORD His God
One Plus God Is A Majority No Walt God Is A Majority All By Himself David Receives The Vote of Confidence
Rally Yourself And Then Rally The Troops David Prepares To Do Battle
Back Off Devil David Confronts The Enemy
The Concept Of Being More Than A Conqueror David Provides For Those Who Could Not Do Battle
Conclusion Encourage Others
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