First Lessons in Latin

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Crocker & Brewster, 1855
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Page 58 - we may have loved, ye may have loved, they may have loved. would, or should have.
Page 70 - ruled. S. rec'-tus es'-sem or fu-is'-sem, rec'-tus es'-ses or fu-is'-ses, rec'-tus es'-set or fu-is'-set;
Page 48 - The imperative mood is that form of the verb which is used
Page 59 - we shall be loved, ye will be loved, they will be loved. Perfect . have
Page 103 - Tibi seris, tibi metis; You sow for yourself, you reap for yourself.
Page 52 - they were. Future, shall or will. \^ 2. e'-ris, thou wilt be, er'-I-tis, ye
Page 79 - to have heard. Put. au-di-tu'-rus es'-se, to be about to hear. Pres. au-dl'-ri, to be heard. Perf.
Page 174 - Si me amas, jura te id facturum esse, quod a te petam,
Page 174 - precatus regi discessit ab eo. Josephus autem patrem et fratres suos collocavit
Page 53 - may be. Imperfect. might, could, would, or should. 2. es'-ses, thou wouldst be, es-se'-tis, ye would be, 1. es'-sem, / would be,

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