First Part of Latin Reader

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Crocker and Brewster, 1855
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Page 2 - If your series of ENGLISH CLASSICS is to be judged by this volume, I do not hesitate to pronounce it superior to any other with which I am ..familiar. Mr. Bates' edition is the best annotation of the ' Ancient Mariner
Page 88 - Pyrrhus vulneratus est, elephanti interfecti, viginti millia hostium caesa sunt. Pyrrhus Tarentum fugit. Interjecto anno, Fabricius contra eum missus est. Ad hunc medicus Pyrrhi nocte venit promittens, se Pyrrhum veneno occisurum, si munus sibi daretur.
Page 96 - Haec omnia Scipio civitatibus Italiae, Siciliae, Africae reddidit, quae sua recognoscebant. Ita Carthago septingentesimo anno, postquam condita erat, deleta est.
Page 252 - Spero, are, avi, atum, tr. to hope; to expect. Spes, ei, f. hope; expectation; promise. Speusippus, i, m. the nephew and successor of Plato. Sphinx, gis, f. a Sphinx. The Egyptian Sphinx is represented as a monster having a woman's head on the body of a lion.
Page 252 - Spartacns, i, m. the name of a celebrated gladiator. Spartanus, i, m. a Spartan. Sparti, orum, m. pi. a race of men, said to have sprung from the dragon's teeth which Cadmus sowed.

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