First, Second and Third Reports of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum

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Department of Educ., Soudan Government, 1906 - Tropical medicine
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Page 78 - Wings with the first sub-marginal cell much longer and narrower than the second posterior cell, its base slightly nearer the base of the wing than that of the second posterior...
Page 68 - ... narrower than the second posterior cell, its stem about two-thirds the length of the cell...
Page 43 - H nekton, and others. The first-named naturalist calculated that the produce of a single Aphis would, in the course of ten generations, supposing all the individuals to survive, " contain more ponderable substance than five hundred millions of stout men ; that is, more than the whole population of China.
Page 233 - The next reading, which is on the other side of the 0 point, is also ignored, as it belongs in common to both arcs. The third reading is taken, which will be at the end of the second complete arc and on the same side of the 0 point as the first reading. The difference between these two readings will be the number of degrees retardation caused by the viscosity of the oil. Suppose the readings are as follows : — First reading...
Page 42 - After a time when temperature falls, or when the supply of food is less in quantity, or after a period of deliberate abstention from food, sexual individuals are produced, and fertilized eggs are laid which hatch in the spring, and the phenomena are repeated. In other cases these phenomena are added to or rendered more complicated by the intercalated parthenogenetic generations exhibiting well-marked metamorphosis, of kinds such as occur in apterous or winged insects ; while again the habits of successive...
Page 76 - Wings rather short; first sub-marginal cell a little longer and narrower than the second posterior cell, its base nearer the base of the wing than that of the second posterior...
Page 65 - The House-Fly and Certain Allied Species as Disseminators of Enteric Fever among Troops in the Field" : Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, June, 1904, pp.
Page 47 - The toxic power of coal-oil upon the insects is very remarkable ; a single drop of it floating on the water is capable of causing the death of a large number of insects. A simple and ingenious mode of keeping up a constant supply of the tar to a ditch I saw exemplified upon the farm of Mr.
Page 18 - ... from the sick to the healthy. I have not seen a living, wild, adult Anopheline in Khartoum for more than a year and a half and I am always on the outlook for these insects. It is instructive to examine old records. Thus Schweinfurth* writing of the year 1871 and describing his return to Khartoum says: "In spite of everything, however, the sanitary condition of Khartoum was still .very unsatisfactory. This was entirely owing to the defective drainage of that portion of the town which had been...
Page 86 - Around the flattened surface towards its border are placed groups of rather prominent spines. The ventral surface of this segment is also flattened, and is thrown into folds by muscular contractions. The anus is situated in the anterior portion of this segment in the middle line, and is seen as a longitudinal slit surrounded by a low ridge. " Posterior to it, and on either side, is a large conspicuous spine. The anterior segment is roughly conical, and bears the mouth parts in front.

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