First steps in the physical and classical geography of the ancient world

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Page 24 - that fair field Of Enna, where Proserpine gathering flowers, Herself a fairer flower, by gloomy Dis Was
Page 14 - which absorbs them all and pours their united waters into the Adriatic. The Peninsula, on the other hand, has abundance of streams, but they are all, even the Tiber, of comparatively short course, having each its own little basin and lateral feeders, and falling directly and independently into the sea. To begin with the Northern
Page 31 - for the most ancient of all the Greek oracles, Dodona. Having now reached the western limits of Greece, we return eastward to the Aegean shore, and find (lying to the N. of Greece Proper and separated from it by Mt Oeta, which is an offset from the Pindus chain) the country called by the ancients
Page 53 - defeated Hannibal. We then enter Numidia, the country of Jugurtha, and the scene of the first exploits of Marius, which prepared the way for Metellus Numidicus to finish the war and carry Jugurtha prisoner to Rome. The last western division of this African coast was Mauretania, the kingdom of Bocchus and of Juba, bounded on
Page 33 - a valley which in some places is so narrow as barely to allow the river to pass between the opposite cliffs. This fact, coupled with the general aspect of the country, which presents to the eye an interminable plain, has led to the almost unavoidable conclusion, that Thessaly Proper was once a vast Lake,
Page 50 - than to Egypt: but no ancient writer who is not a professed geographer goes much into detail, or mentions more than one or two of its towns and localities. The singular nature of the country, the immemorial existence of the Pyramids, the dim tradition of a very remote antiquity, the absence of rain, the
Page 22 - as well to denote the fact of its being originally a Gallic settlement, as to distinguish it from Sena Julia, an inland Town in Etruria; the former is now Sinigaglia, the latter Sienna: and 2. Ariminum (Rimini), the storming of which was Caesar's first overt act of civil war, after crossing the Rubicon:
Page 4 - now ZARAGOZA, made illustrious in the last war by its successful resistance to the French invaders in 1808-9. The broad Basin of the EBRO, lying between the Pyrenees and the Central Ridge, is watered, from the heights of both, by numerous tributary streams, the most remarkable of which are, on the
Page 53 - by the lofty range of Mt Atlas, which protects it from the encroachments of the ocean of sand that lies beyond. As we approach the Atlantic, we come in sight of Abyla (Rock of Ceuta) and Calpe (Rock of Gibraltar), the two Pillars of Hercules, on the opposite sides
Page 11 - the basin of the Seine, the Aureliani and Namnetes in that of the Loire, and the Seduni in the Valais. A few shall be now added as occurring most frequently in Caesar's narrative of his campaigns in Gaul: and the locality of each tribe named will be

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