First year's Latin grammar and exercises

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Page 4 - Latin pronunciation, we get the following as the names of the letters : a, be, ce, de, e, ef, ge, ha, i, ka, el, em, en, o, pe, qu, er, os, te, u, is.
Page 67 - And thirdly, there is the person or there are the persons neither the speaker nor the person spoken to — " those persons there,"
Page 56 - Athens; cunae, a cradle: some have one meaning in the singular and another in the plural — as...
Page 74 - Prepositions are placed before substantives to mark their relation to other nouns or verbs. 2. The following are the principal prepositions. (a) Prepositions with the Accusative. (b) Prepositions with the Ablative. a, ab, abs, from, by. absque without. coram in the presence of. cum with. de down from, concerning.
Page 65 - XXII duo et viginti, or viginti duo. 23. XXIII. tres et viginti, or viginti tres. 28.
Page 38 - English the case is called the objective case ; and we say that the object of a transitive verb is put in the accusative case.
Page 47 - The instrumental case is the case in which a word is put when it expresses the manner in which, or the means by which. an action is done. Thus : vir carne alitur, " the man is fed on flesh ;" more ferarum vivit, " he lives after the manner of wild beasts;" horninem scipiom ferit, "he strikes the man with a staff.

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