Fiscal Year 1958 Supplemental Military Construction Authorization (Air Force).: Hearings, Eighty-fifth Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 9739. January 21, 24, 1958

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Page 62 - Sec. 2. Performance of functions of Secretary. The Secretary of the Interior may from time to time make such provisions as he shall deem appropriate authorizing the performance by any other officer, or by any agency or employee, of the Department of the Interior of any function of the Secretary, including any function transferred to the Secretary by the provisions of this reorganization plan.
Page 61 - The head of each department is authorized to prescribe regulations, not inconsistent with law, for the government of his department, the conduct of its officers and clerks, the distribution and performance of its business, and the custody, use, and preservation of the records, papers, and property appertaining to it.
Page 78 - The Secretary of Defense may, without being relieved of his responsibility therefor, and unless prohibited by some specific provision of this Act or other specific provision of law, perform any function vested in him through or with the aid of such officials or organizational entities of the Department of Defense as he may designate.
Page 90 - Take appropriate steps to eliminate unnecessary duplication or overlapping in the fields of procurement, supply, transportation, storage, health, and research...
Page 61 - Stat. 578) established the Department of Defense as an executive department of the Government and provided that the Department of the Army be a military department within the Department of Defense.
Page 2 - ... to place permanent or temporary improvements on land Includes authority for surveys, administration, overhead, planning, and supervision incident to construction. That authority may be exercised before title to the land is approved under section 355 of the Revised Statutes, as amended (40 USC 255), and even though the land is held temporarily.
Page 77 - The Congress declares the purpose of this Act to be to establish and vigorously conduct a comprehensive, national program of basic and applied research and development, including but not limited to demonstrations of practical applications, of all potentially beneficial energy sources and utilization technologies, within the Energy Research and Development Administration.
Page 2 - Government, agency, and shall be awarded, insofar as practicable, on a competitive basis to the lowest responsible bidder, if the national security will not be impaired and the award is consistent with chapter 137 of title 10, United States Code.
Page 12 - As to tanker bases, these bases must also be provided for refueling squadrons in the northern areas to permit their redeployment from southern bases in the United States to locations from which they can operate without delay in support of strike missions by the strategic bombers. While...

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