Fit and Healthy For Dummies, Two eBook Bundle with Bonus Mini eBook: Nutrition For Dummies, Fitness For Dummies, and Ten Minute Tone-ups For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, Dec 5, 2012 - Health & Fitness - 904 pages
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Two complete eBooks for one low price AND a bonus mini edition! Created and compiled by the publisher, this bundle brings together two healthy titles and a bonus “mini” edition of Ten Minute Tone -Ups For Dummies. With this special bundle, you’ll get the complete text of the following two titles and the following mini edition:

Nutrition For Dummies, 5th Edition

You've been hearing it since you were a little kid: "You are what you eat." But unlike most adages you've long since debunked, this wise saying is true! Good nutrition is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifelong good health—no matter how you slice it.

Nutrition For Dummies is a one-size-fits-all guide to nutrition for anyone who may have fallen asleep in health class, wants to brush up on what they already know, or is looking to keep up-to-speed on the latest guidelines and research. It shows you how to manage your diet so you get the most bang (nutrients) for your buck (calories) and gives you the skinny on how to put together a healthy shopping list, how to prepare foods that are good for the body and soul, and ten easy ways to cut calories.

An apple a day may not necessarily keep the doctor away, but with the simple guidance of Nutrition For Dummies, you can be on your way to living a happier, healthier ever after.

Fitness For Dummies, 4th Edition

The latest and greatest in getting fit and staying that way! Fitness For Dummies, 4th Edition, provides the latest information and advice for properly shaping, conditioning, and strengthening your body to enhance overall fitness and health. With the help of fitness professionals Suzanne Schlosberg and Liz Neporent, you'll learn to set and achieve realistic fitness goals without expensive fitness club fees! Achieve motivation and social support from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook Take advantage of digital resources such as e-exercising programs, video instructors, digital training systems, apps, and more Gives you the latest tips and methods to test your own fitness level, set realistic goals, stick with your program, and get great results Shows you how to spot where fat is sneaking into your diet Get the most out of high-tech exercise machines and equipment, plus tips for using dumbbells or a simple jump rope to achieve results Offers step-by-step instructions on creating a home gym on a budget Featuring all-new informative fitness photos and illustrations, this revised edition of Fitness For Dummies is all you need to get on track to a healthy new body!

Ten Minute Tone-Ups For Dummies, Mini Edition

Need to tone up in a hurry? This safe, sensible exercise program delivers fast results while targeting your trouble spots in quick ten-minute sessions. We’ve taken the text from the original mini print edition of this title (64 pages) and included it in this bundle as special bonus.

About the Author of Nutrition For Dummies, 5th Edition

Carol Ann Rinzler is a noted authority on health and nutrition and is the author of more than 20 books on food and health. She has contributed to many major publications including the New York Times, Redbook, Family Circle, and the New York Daily News. Carol holds a master's degree from Columbia University.

About the Authors of Fitness For Dummies,4th Edition

Suzanne Schlosberg is a fitness writer whose work has appeared in Shape, Health, Fit Pregnancy, Ladies' Home Journal, and other magazines. Liz Neporent is a health and fitness expert


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Nutrition For Dummies
What You Get from Food
Food Processing
Finding Nutrition Facts
Di estion The 24 7 Food
Digestion The 2417 Food Factory
Calories The Energizers
How Many Calories Do You Really Need?
Follow That Bird
Foods Nature
When Food Gives You Hives
Coping with Food Allergies
Recognizing Other Body Reactions to Food
Protectin the Adult Brain
Altering the Emotional Brain

Big Bigger Biggest
How Much Should You Really Weigh?
How Reliable Are the Numbers?
Facing the Numbers When They Dont
The Nutritional Numbers Formerly
No Sale Ever ls Final
Using supplements as insurance
Good Reasons for Getting Nutrients from
Essential and nonessential
How Much Protein Do You Need?
Considering Cholesterol and
Carbohydrates A Complex Story
How pasta ends up on your hips
Avoiding mineral deficiency
When You May Need More than the
The electrolytes primary
When the Body Doesnt
Why You Eat When You
Beating the fourhour hungries
Temperature control
The brain eyes and nose
Healing the Injured Brain
The stomach
Food and Drug Interactions
Using Food as Medicine
DASHing to healthy blood
The Last Word on Food versus Medicine
Ten or So Superstar Foods
Brain Food Chapter 25 Food and Drug Interactions Chapter 26 Using Food as Medicine Chapter 27 Ten or So Nutrition Web Sites Chapter 28 Ten or...
Establishing Your Plan of Attack
Testing Your Fitness Chapter 3 Watching What You Eat Nutrition Basics
Educating Yourself
This Doesnt Have to Happen to You Avoiding Common lniuries Chapter 6 Cardio Crash Course Getting the Right Intensity Chapter 7 Creating a Car...
Using Cardio Machines Chapter 9 Exercising Outdoors Chapter 10 Why Youve Gotta Lift Weights
Your Muscles Love Em or Lose Em
Demystifying Strength Eguipment Chapter 13 Designing a StrengthTraining Program Chapter 14 Flexibility Training Getting the Scoop on Stretchin...
Getting the Lowdown on Pilates Chapter 18 Choosing and Using a
Designing Your Home
Hiring a Trainer Chapter 21 Choosing an Exercise Class or Digital Workout Chapter 22 Fit Pregnancy Exercising for m
Getting Kids
Staying Active as You
Ten Great Reasons to Break a Sweat
Ten Fantastic Fitness

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