Fitch on the Road

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AuthorHouse, Nov 1, 2003 - Juvenile Fiction - 176 pages
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Once there was a baby mouse named Fitch. Well, he really wasn't a "baby" any longer, but because he was small, he looked like a baby mouse to most people he encountered. Mice go out on their own at a very young age, and since Fitch's family had been through a bad time with a cat recently, his parents thought it would be best for him to begin to make his way in the world sooner rather than later.

Fitch felt very confident. So he gathered a few of his favorite tail warmers...a mesh one for hot days, a blue flannel one for cool days, a yellow plastic one for rainy days and the green plaid one that he got for his birthday...and packed them into his knapsack. He also packed his Many Languages Translation Dictionary, a fresh pair of socks and a piece of good cheddar cheese.

His mother, who was busy with his new sister, Sally, reminded him to take his toothbrush. Then she asked him to take a pencil as well so he could send a postcard home to Strawberry Lane from time to time.

Fitch finished his breakfast quickly because he was getting very excited about his upcoming adventure. He hugged and kissed his brothers and sister good-bye and gave an extra hug to his mother. His father was just leaving for work, so they went down the path together.

"You are an excellent son," said Father Mouse when they reached the fork in the road. "Remember to be kind to all creatures. I know you will have many wonderful adventures." Father Mouse then hugged his son.

Fitch strapped on his Rollerblades, tightened the straps on his knapsack and started off. Skating backward, he waved good-bye to his father until he went over the hill and out of sight. He was on his own with the whole world in front of him.

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