Five One-act Comedies

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Stewart Kidd Company, 1922 - One-act plays - 165 pages
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Page 170 - THE ANGEL INTRUDES", Floyd Dell. "BOUND EAST FOR CARDIFF", Eugene O'Neill. "THE WIDOWS VEIL", Alice Rostetter. "STRING OF THE SAMISEN", Rita Wellman. "NOT SMART", Wilbur D. Steele. Every author, with one exception, has a book or more to his credit. Several are at the top of their profession. Rita Wellman, a Saturday Evening Post star, has had two or three plays on Broadway, and has a new novel, "The Wings of Desire.
Page 168 - FIFTY CONTEMPORARY ONEACT PLAYS Selected and Edited by Frank Shay and Pierre Loving Chosen from the dramatic works of contemporary writers all over the world by two men who have been connected for many years with Little Theatres in the United States.
Page 170 - O'Brien, is America's best short-story writer. Oppenheim has over a dozen novels, books of poems, and essays to his credit. O'Neill has a play on Broadway now: "The Emperor Jones." Hutch. Hapgood is an author of note. A record of the work of the most serious and important of all the new theatre movements in America. New York Sun: "Tense and vivid little dramas.
Page 168 - A Sunny Morning SWEDEN Strindberg (August) — The Creditor UNITED STATES Beach (Lewis) — Brothers Cowan (Sada) — In the Morgue Crocker (Bosworth) — The Baby Carriage Cronyn (George W.) — A Death in Fever Flat Davies (Mary Carolyn) — The Slave with Two Faces Day (Frederick L.) — The Slump Planner (Hildegard) — Mansions Glaspell (Susan) — Trifles Gerstenberg (Alice) — The Pot Boiler Helburn (Theresa) — Enter the Hero Hudson (Holland) — The Shepherd in the Distance Kemp (Harry)...
Page 168 - Aria da Capo Moeller (Philip) — Helena's Husband O'Neill (Eugene)— He Stevens (Thomas Wood) — The Nursery Maid of Heaven Stevens (Wallace) — Three Travelers Watch a Sunrise Tompkins (Frank G.) — Sham Walker (Stuart) — The Medicine Show Wellman (Rita) — For All Time Wilde (Percival) — The Finger of God YIDDISH Ash (Sholom)— Night Pinski (David) — Forgotten Souls Large 8vo, 585 pages. Net...
Page 60 - I like to see men in dressing gowns — yours is charming. PENDLETON [flattered and pleased]. Do you like it? I designed it myself. BARONESS [looking seductively into his eyes]. How few really creative artists there are in America. PENDLETON [modestly]. You flatter me. BARONESS. Not at all. You must know that I'ma great admirer of yours, Mr. Pendleton. I've read every one of your books. I feel I know you as an old friend. PENDLETON. That's very nice of you ! [The Baroness reclines on couch; takes...
Page 52 - ... MARGARET What reason? MRS. ABBEY Their cook told me yesterday that her missus thinks if she keeps on a-playing of the Wedding March, p'raps it'll give you an' Mr. Pendleton the idea of getting married. She don't believe in couples livin' together, like you an' Mr. Pendleton. MARGARET No? MRS. ABBEY And I just said you an' Mr. Pendleton had been living together so long, it was my opinion you might just as well be married an' done with it. MARGARET (angrily) Your opinion is quite uncalled for,...
Page 63 - I'm fond of that kind of danger. BARONESS Take care! I'm very fragile. PENDLETON Isn't heliotrope in rhythm with the faint reflection of passion? BARONESS How brutal of you to have said it. PENDLETON (coming closer to her) I, too, am in rhythm with heliotrope. BARONESS (with joy) How glad I am. Thank God, you've no desire to kiss my lips. PENDLETON Only your finger-tips. (They exchange kisses and finger-tips...
Page 71 - MARGARET : I want you to take off your coat. FENTON : (Puzzled.} You're not trying to kid me, ma'am ? • MARGARET: I just want to see your development. Do you mind? FENTON: (Removes coat.) Why, no ma'am — if that's all you want. MARGARET : Now — bring your arm up — tighten the muscles.

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