Fletter Cove: Romance and Relationships

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Fiction - 300 pages
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            A variety of relationship short stories, highly romantic and otherwise, about couples and families. Some abusive relationships, with resolution of the abused overcoming the conflict. Fantasy and science fiction, touching on the political, involving people from preteen to old age, including using amateur radio for communication and recreation. A wide mix of subjects: geographically, across countries, continents, galaxies, and infinite time. Suitable reading for any age depicting such subjects as flatulence as amuse both the very young and old without the common to the media gratuitous, offensive language.


            Universal codes, available to many of all ages but understood by very few, not tied to any language and therefore international. Sometimes "disappearing" to start over is a solution and other times reappearing works even better; families don't always know best . . . often they just don't understand; a twist, in transfer between bodies of one creature and another with sweet/sad outcome; the feminist solution, sometimes to the good of all involved; a lighthearted facing of the final inevitability across generations; sacrifice of personal happiness for the sake of misunderstanding, innocent others; time travel altering the future; "scientific" solutions tongue in cheek to a few of the world's problems; the take of the devil on what we do, giving him/her the upper hand no matter what choices we make; the adventure present in an ordinary day of family life; the happy, unbelievable secrets necessary to keep in old age. "Going down with the ship" can be a triumphant ending; seeking an alternative diagnosis makes all the difference. And, just what is it that can be found with diligent search through foreign languages in public and university libraries around the world? Finally, an interspersing of verse in as many different subjects, to set off one story from the next.

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