Follow in His Footsteps: The Adventures of My Father

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2001 - Biography & Autobiography - 192 pages

It was the first religious war fought on American soil and it happened in the twenty first century. It was started by an ambitious State Department upstart, named Thurogood Smith. Upon joining the State Department, he moves to Africa where he foments a war against a non existent Islamic insurgency. The effort nets American mineral companies extraction rights and tremendous profits. His actions prompt the Department to return him to Washington where he starts another war, only this time it is in the American heartland.

Relying on his knowledge of religious fanatics and his contacts in the extraction industries, he invents a plan to promote Christian missionary efforts close to the world's oil basins. Setting them up as targets, he works with the American military to come to their rescue which they use to gain a foothold in near the world's major oil producing nations. Using proxy troops American forces train and equip petro armies to insure a secure petroleum supply to America. But instead of steadying the price of oil, the unholy alliance between the military, the petroleum industry, and the religious Fundamentalists causes local conflicts which cause the price of oil to soar in America.

In America, reaction to the price rise is swift and the country divides into camps supporting the missionary efforts and those opposed. It is the beginning of a religious war directly on American soil. In reaction, the government creates a new agency called the Department of Americanism (DOA). The DOA unlocks the restraints on the Fundamentalists and unleashes a real religious war in the towns and countryside.

The book explores the darker side of religious fanaticism and the potency of its ability to split the country. All sides become trapped in the peculiar logic of war until its surprising conclusion.

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