Following Christ: Experiencing Life the Way It Was Meant to Be

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Zondervan, 1998 - 240 pagine
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Do you want your life to count for Christ? Would you like to make a real impact for God's kingdom in this world? You can and you don't have to be a great leader for it to happen. Just a good follower.

In Following Christ, Joseph Stowell shows why Christ's command to Follow me isn't merely the starting point of Christianity. It's the very heartbeat of vibrant, effective faith. And it's not just for a few gifted leaders, but for all believers.

Christianity is a relationship, an adventure, a passionate pursuit of Christ, says Stowell. Followers escape the drudgery of a system of rituals and regulations, and revel in the discovery of the ever-interesting Christ. Stowell shows you what happens when an ordinary man or woman pursues not the trappings of Christianity, but Christ himself. You'll discover:

  • What a non-negotiated follower looks like
  • Why God does his best work through followers
  • Why self-directed living is a recipe for emptiness
  • What makes Christ so worth following
  • How Christ transforms our character
  • What it means to pick up your cross
  • Why a close walk with Jesus is the key to effective living

This inspiring book cuts through the side-issues of Christianity to reveal its true, compelling object: Jesus Christ. As his fully devoted follower, you'll discover a dynamic and refreshing way of living one that will sustain you through life's valleys and provide breathtaking spiritual vistas from its peaks.

It's Christianity the way God intended it, marked by simplicity. Vigorous faith. Purpose and direction. Soul-winning impact on those around you. And above all, a joyous, growing closeness with Christ.


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An awesome book!

Recensione dell'utente  - MaryBac -

This book is life changing! If you are feeling that emptiness in your heart because CHRIST is not the centre of your life, then you need to read it. It will change your thinking and you will realize ... Leggi recensione completa

Recensione dell'utente  - Rose -

This little book is phenomenal. I can feel the heart of Jesus more in this book than any I have read outside of scripture itself. Reading this book has added a more loving and spiritually led value to ... Leggi recensione completa


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Dr. Joseph M. Stowell serves as the President of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Joe also works with RBC Ministries, partnering in media productions, outreach to pastors, writing, and a web ministry called Strength for the Journey. His books include The Trouble with Jesus, Following Christ, Simply Jesus and You, and Radical Reliance. He earned degrees from Cedarville University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Joe and his wife Martie are the parents of three adult children.

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