Food Products ..., Volumes 1-3

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1894 - Lard
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Page 1 - Eight Edible and Twelve Poisonous Mushrooms of the United States, with directions for the culture and culinary preparation of the edible species, by Thomas Taylor, MD 24 pp.
Page 54 - MUSHROOMS WITH BACON. Take some full-grown mushrooms, and having cleaned them, procure a few rashers of nice streaky bacon, and fry it in the usual manner. When nearly done, add a dozen or so of mushrooms, and fry them slowly until they are cooked. In this process they will absorb all the fat of the bacon, and with the addition of a little salt and pepper, will form a most appetizing breakfast relish.
Page 54 - To Pot Mushrooms. — The small open mushrooms suit best for potting. Trim and rub them ; put into a stewpan a quart of mushrooms, three ounces of butter, two tea-spoonfuls of salt, and half a tea-spoonful of Cayenne and mace mixed, and stew for ten or fifteen minutes, or till the mushrooms are tender ; take them carefully out and drain, them perfectly on a sloping dish, and when cold press them into small pots, and pour clarified butter over them, in which state they will keep for a week or two....
Page 53 - ... toast ; sprinkle with pepper and salt, and put a small piece of butter on each ; set before a brisk fire to melt the butter, and serve up quickly.
Page 12 - ... a saucepan with pepper, salt, and parsley, adding or not a piece of ham ; stew for an hour, pouring in occasionally a little broth to prevent burning, when sufficiently done, bind with the yolks of two or three eggs, and serve on buttered toast.
Page 53 - ... then put in a layer of mashed potatoes, and so fill the dish, layer by layer, with a cover of mashed potatoes for the crust. Bake well for half an hour and brown before a quick fire.
Page 5 - Boletus edulis they represent as containing in 100 parts of the dried substance 22.82 per cent of protein. The nitrogenous values of different foods as compared with the mushroom are stated as follows : " Protein substances calculated for 100 parts of bread, 8.03; of oatmeal, 9.74; of barley bread, 6.39; of leguminous fruits, 27.05; of potatoes, 4.85; of mushrooms, 33.0.
Page 54 - Trim and rub half a pint of button mushrooms, dissolve two ounces of butter rolled in flour in a stew-pan ; then put in the mushrooms, a bunch of parsley, a tea-spoonful of salt, half a tea-spoonful each of white pepper and of powdered sugar, shake the pan...
Page 53 - Remove the stalks and scales from young specimens, and throw each one as you do so into a basin of fresh water, slightly acidulated with the juice of a lemon or a little good vinegar. When all are prepared remove them from the water, and put them into a stewpan with a very small piece of fresh butter, sprinkle with white pepper and salt, and add a little lemon juice. Cover up closely, and stew for half-an-hour. Then add a spoonful of flour with sufficient cream, or cream and milk, until the same...
Page 54 - ... sauce. Mushrooms on Toast. — Put a pint of mushrooms into a stewpan, with two ounces of butter rolled in flour ; add a teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of white pepper, a blade of...

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