Food Saving and Sharing: Telling how the Older Children of America May Help Save from Famine Their Comrades in Allied Lands Across the Sea

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Page 98 - Little drops of water, Little grains of sand Make the mighty ocean, And the pleasant land.
Page 29 - Heap high the farmer's wintry hoard ! Heap high the golden corn ! No richer gift has Autumn poured From out her lavish horn ! Let other lands, exulting, glean The apple from the pine, The orange from its glossy green, The cluster from the vine ; We better love the hardy gift Our rugged vales bestow, To cheer us when the storm shall drift Our harvest-fields with snow.
Page 98 - A long pull, and a strong pull, and a pull all together ! [Cries, and drops his face on arm, upon table.
Page 73 - This is by a still younger child : Dear America: I thank you because you sent great big boats over the great sea — cat-boats — rice, corn, bacon, stockings, clothing, and shoes. I know that you like the little Belgians, and I like you, too. ACHIEL MAES.
Page 55 - And when I see it coming, warm and white, I'm in such a hurry that I whimper and whine. For pure joy, and the Cure smiles a bit, watching me, and says I'm the hope of France; But how can a chap be the hope of France when he can't get enough food to have a chance?
Page 30 - Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone...
Page 67 - She has millions of acres of the best wheat land in the world, but few railroads.

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