Fools Rush In

Front Cover
Blushing Books Publications, 2010
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"Don't move a muscle or you'll regret it."Having a mountain man holding a gun trained quite expertly on her was hardly an auspicious first encounter between artist Leah Bentley and the neighbor her realtor had assured her she'd never see.Ex-spy Pace Manning's wife and son were gone, and nothing and no one was going to bring them back. He'd made a life for himself in the mountains of Wyoming, becoming a surly hermit who jealously guarded his privacy. Yet there she was on his land, sitting there as prim and proper as could be, as if she wasnt really trespassing.Their first meeting went from bad to worse when the dominant, annoyingly sexy Manning decided to teach his new neighbor a lesson over his knee, in the middle of the forest. Leah's threats of legal action rang hollow even to her own ears, but she vowed to steer completely clear of that awful man if it killed her.But the vicious Wyoming winter, and Paces overprotective streak, conspired against her.Or was that for her?

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