For All the Wrong Reasons

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Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2009 - Fiction - 200 pages
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Great discussion book for book clubs, homeless and abuse centers, psychology classes, and religious studies. Meggin, Annie, Janet, Clyde, Sherrie, Gloria, Gerrie, Duane, Zach and even "THE MAN" .such intense characters! Peggy Fisher-Lorenz's book, takes the reader inside the lives and deeply inside the minds and hearts of these very real characters as they are involved in their very real struggle to find love, acceptance, and purpose in their lives. Each character finds their own way to take control of their life and fight the panic of being out of control. For someone who has only experienced Meggin's world from the outside looking in, this story can be a real eye-opener a guide to catch clues to behaviors which might otherwise be overlooked completely. Ms. Fisher-Lorenz has written a story which will keep her readers involved to the very end. What profound mysteries lie buried in the hearts of people! Theresa McGahan Business owner/editor Following the various characters through their mental and emotional machinations was entertaining and enlightening, and at the same time, appropriately saddening. There is nothing worse to me than abuse, and this book highlights many of it's heinous effects, especially the insecurities, uncertainties, pathos, and anger that accompany this dastardly blow to all too many people's lives. All the characters in this book are cogently described. The defense mechanisms, such a denial, rationalization, projection, and intellectualization were all present and clear. Impulsivity was particularly of note. Yet, at the same time, the book resonated with people being resilient and adaptable. These were notable case studies without therapeutic involvement. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in the psychology of abuse described in real-life terms. I obviously endorse the book as a basic description of life's complications. I am not doing so in my role as a psychology professor. But as a person who cares about abuse and its consequences. Thus, I would recommend the book to any individual who wants to become more aware of abuse, and its effects, especially in terms of those who address and sometimes overcome it. R. Peter Johnson, PhD

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