Foremen and Accident Prevention

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Travelers insurance Company, 1918 - Accidents - 93 pages

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Page 41 - Employees should not be permitted to enter the engine room unless their work requires them to do so, and they should not be allowed to remain there after the duties that led them there have been performed. No person, other than those responsible for the operation of the engines, should be permitted to touch any valves or other parts of the mechanism...
Page 16 - They should be ample in size, never overloaded, and should be tested at least once a day to see that they act freely.
Page 52 - All gears, wherever located, should be completely encased or where this is impracticable should have a band guard provided with side flanges extending inward beyond the root of the teeth.
Page 14 - ... and weatherproof magazines, properly ventilated. Black powder may be stored with high explosives if the magazine is bulletproof, fireproof and weatherproof and properly ventilated. Blasting caps and electric blasting caps should be stored in fireproof and weatherproof magazines, properly ventilated. Blasting caps and electric blasting caps should never be stored In the same magazine with any other explosives. Keep the door of a magazine securely locked when not engaged in the magazine. Keep ground...
Page 7 - It sometimes happens that little can be done in the way of adjusting the work to the worker. The help that is available may be such that classification and selection are not feasible, or the work may be so urgent and pressing that it is beyond the power of the foreman to consider all the employees individually and treat them in an ideal way.
Page 8 - Finally, the foreman should be entirely sincere, in every way and at all times. The safety rules that are in force at the workplace should be absolute and paramount, and the foreman should never criticize a worker in the smallest degree, either in word or in thought, for following them.
Page 82 - One of the most important subjects in regard to school hygiene is that of the proper seating of school children according to their ability to see. This unfortunately has not received the attention in this country that it deserves, and in consequence we are constantly called upon to attend children suffering from nervous and other troubles, the origin of which is undoubtedly eyestrain. A systematic examination of the eyes of school children at certain intervals would be of great benefit to those suffering...
Page 21 - The thoughtlessness of employees and their willingness to "take a chance" even when the possibility of accident is well understood, are two of the greatest obstacles with which the foreman has to deal in his effort to secure safety.
Page 7 - He should bear in mind the importance of the foregoing suggestions, however, and should apply them advisedly. He should not try to persuade himself that the task is impossible, if the real reason is that he shrinks from making the effort. Much can often be accomplished when the conditions, at first thought, appear forbidding, and the difficulties insuperable.
Page 7 - PREVENTION 7 naturally slow should not be required to operate machines that call for rapid movements or quick judgment, nor to engage in any kind of work demanding marked activity of mind or body. Points of this kind should be carefully considered, and it may be necessary to shift some employees several times before...

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