Forever Heroes: A Collection of World War II Stories from Nebraska Veterans

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Prairieland Press, Nov 11, 2016 - History - 190 pages
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All World War II veterans have stories to tell about their time in the service. This book captures 21 of those stories.

  • Bill, Navy sonarman, observed signals on a sonar machine to determine the presence of German submarines.
  • Red, Army training instructor, worked with King, singer Rudy Vallee's doberman donated through Dogs for Defense.
  • Alvin, Army Air Corps radio operator, prayed there was enough fuel left in the B-24 Liberator for a safe landing when returning from bombing missions.
  • Marv E., Army Air Force electrician, blasted holes through coral on New Guinea islands to erect electrical poles.
  • Ben, Army Air Corps operations specialist, spent 30 hours in 6-man life raft with 32 other men after his ship was torpedoed.
  • Warren, Army Air Corps radio operator, flew in a B-29 bomber over USS Missouri in the Toyko Harbor when Japan formally surrendered.
  • Katheryn, WAVE dental assistant, helped dentists with procedures to repair serious jaw and teeth injuries.
  • Wesley, Army truck driver, participated in assembling 102 Army trucks on a New Guinea beach before transporting bombs and airplane fuel.
  • Emery, Navy baker, kept supplying sailors food and coffee throughout the day-long fighting during Battle of Leyte Gulf.
  • Marie, Army Nurse Corps, treated severe burn injuries while serving on Guam and in Tokyo.
  • Bob K., Navy dispensing clerk, distributed monthly cash payroll amounts totaling thousands of dollars for 3,500 men.
  • Lyle, Navy aviation ordnance man, practiced with a wooden rifle during basic training because of a rifle shortage.
  • Dale, Army machine gunner, suffered a German buzz bomb injury and later fought during Battle of the Bulge.
  • Ray, Army Air Corps waist gunner on B-17 bomber, was shot down and held as a prisoner of war in Germany for almost a year.
  • Kenny, Army mechanic, served in Africa, Corsica and France, adjusting, replacing, repairing and overhauling Army vehicles.
  • Jim, Army infantry band, played oboe in the Army band during stateside War Bond drives and transported German prisoners when overseas.
  • Mel, Marines infantry rifleman, endured a year-long hospitalization after a Japanese hand grenade exploded at his feet during Battle of Okinawa.
  • Charles, Marines infantry rifleman, fought in Okinawa and was preparing to invade Japan when the atomic bombs were dropped and admitted that probably saved his life.
  • Laddie, Army battalion clerk, handled personnel records for about 800 soldiers in one battalion.
  • Marv W., Army Air Corps ordnance clerk, ordered jeeps and trucks delivered to U.S. ports of embarkation and their eventual overseas destinations.
  • Bob W., Merchant Marine Water Tender, transported supplies, equipment and troops but never had veteran status until 1989.

Now in their 90s, these veterans have shared their experiences -- their fears, sacrifices, adventures, and triumphs -- so that future generations can truly understand why they have been labeled "the greatest generation."

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