Forget the Novocaine, Doc - - I Was a Teacher

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This book unveils the miracle of God working His divine love and grace through a pastor. After thirty years of faithful service in the ministry and as a noted leader in Christian education, God intervened and a deeper, more spiritual journey began for Dr. Steve A. Mesarch.

Overcoming the human fears of loss, failure, ridicule and public humiliation, Dr. Mesarch obediently followed God's calling and rediscovered his Jewish roots and the foundation of Christianity. A few years later he emerged as Dr. Alon Barak, using his birth name and becoming the Messianic rabbi of Temple Baruch HaShem, in Southern California.

Dr. Barak says that the Messianic revival, accelerating rapidly around the world, is indicative of God's promise to restore the lost house of Israel and unite Jews and righteous Gentiles into His end-time kingdom. Since the third century, Judaism and Christianity have been in spiritual opposition. However, there has always been a faithful Messianic remnant whose devoted members have attempted to bridge the gap. This book reveals Dr. Barak's remarkable Messianic journey.

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