Formulae and Tables for the Calculation of Alternating Current Problems

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McGraw-Hill, 1913 - Electric currents, Alternating - 282 pages
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Page 9 - The Effective Resistance and Inductance of a Concentric Main and Methods of Computing the Ber. and Bei. and Allied Functions,
Page 65 - For alternating currents formula (34) assumes the form (36) where a is a constant the value of which depends on the frequency.
Page 86 - The Capacity of a conductor is its charge when its own potential is unity, and that of all the other conductors is zero.
Page 87 - This practical unit of capacity is called the farad, and is the capacity of a condenser which has a potential difference of one volt at its terminals, when charged with one coulomb of electricity.
Page 83 - TABLE VIII. Values of the Correction Term B, Depending on the Number of Turns of Wire on the Single-Layer CoiI.
Page 86 - THE capacity of a conductor is defined as the ratio of its charge to its potential, when all other conductors are at zero potential.
Page 62 - MUTUAL INDUCTANCE OF TWO EQUAL PARALLEL RECTANGLES. For two equal parallel rectangles of sides a and b and distance apart d the mutual inductance, which is the sum of the several mutual inductances of parallel sides, is, M= For a square, where a = , we have JT- 8[" log (* S Formula (90) was first given by FE Neumann
Page v - C66 Formulae and tables for the calculation of alternating current problems. 1913. McGraw. "References," p. 263. "An attempt has been made here to bring together in a small volume all the important formulae which are necessary and helpful in the solution of alternating current problems. The aim has been throughout to put the formula; in such form that they can be immediately applied for numerical calculations; and in those cases where it seemed desirable, the formulae are illustrated by numerical...
Page 82 - ... are given in Table VIII with the total number of turns in the coil as argument. By means of these two tables and equation (27) it is easy to find the correction for any particular case, as the following illustrations will show. TABLE VII. Values of Correction Term A , Depending on the Ratio - of the Diameters of Bare and Covered Wire on the Single Layer CoiI. d...
Page ii - McGraw,Hill BookGompany Electrical World The Engineering andMining Journal Engineering Record Engineering News Railway Age Gazette American Machinist...

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