Forty Years of the Public Schools in Mississippi: With Special Reference to the Education of the Negro

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Teachers College, Columbia University, 1918 - African Americans - 142 pages

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Page 90 - the state treasury, which together shall be sufficient to maintain the common schools for the term of four months in each scholastic year. But any county or separate school district may levy an additional tax to maintain its schools for a longer time than
Page 90 - There shall be a common school fund which shall consist of the poll tax (to be retained in the counties where the same is collected) and an additional sum from the general fund
Page 90 - districts in proportion to the number of educable children in each, to be determined from data collected through the office of the State Superintendent of Education, in the manner to be prescribed by
Page 96 - His civilization veneer lasts just as long as he remains in contact with the white man. Then why squander money on his education when the only effect is to spoil a good field hand and make an insolent cook.
Page 111 - Literary education—the knowledge of books—does not seem to produce any good substantial results with the Negro, but serves to sharpen his cunning, breeds hopes that cannot be fulfilled, inspires aspirations that cannot be gratified, creates an inclination to avoid
Page 6 - The highest degree of elevation in the scale of civilization to which they are capable, morally and intellectually, must be secured to them by their education and religious training.
Page 17 - only in localities where one or the other of the two races is small in numbers, and that in localities where both races are large in numbers, separate institutions of learning will continue to exist, for a number of years at least.
Page 110 - The state for many years, at great expense to the taxpayers, has maintained a system of Negro education, which has produced disappointing results, and I am opposed to the perpetuation of
Page 28 - be elected by the people at the same time and in the same manner as the governor, for a four-year term.
Page 126 - Negro children should aim frankly to supplement the shortcomings of their family life and reduce their temptations to crime by increasing their desire and ability to live by legitimate industry.

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