Forward, March!

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John Lane Company, 1918 - 90 pages

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Page 100 - The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined."—Isaiah ix. 2.
Page 98 - That men should trample it to despair? Who fears the throe that rebellion brings Hath bartered God for the will of kings." "Help them stand, O Christ!" I prayed. "Thy people are feeble and sore afraid." "My people are strong," God whispered me, "Broad as the land, great as the sea; They will tower
Page 106 - REFERENCE DEPARTMENT This book is under no circumstance* to be taken front the Building
Page 46 - What should I seek of wine or bread? Let me but feel the mighty whir Of God's great pulses, strong and sure Stupendous in my being stir,— And all my powers shall endure. Life, who art cruel to my cry And givest but a crust to eat, Thine ardent lover still am I— For I have meat!
Page 95 - Blazing newer paths and fine; When the force that is divine Leaps to challenge every failure and his ardour still is sweet And love and hope are burning in the presence of defeat . . . Lo, the crisis! Lo, the shout That must call the leader out. When the people need salvation Doth he come to lead the nation . . . Then doth Nature show her plan When the world has found—a man!
Page 41 - Three green trees marching up a hill; Three high points of the human will. The goals of the human will are these: The will to be, the will to do, The will to look into God's eyes Like those intrepid, towering trees Whose turrets pierce the skies. But trees may see their dreams come true, While man—his hill is hardly crowned Before another hill is found!
Page 45 - heart's unalterable joy. What should I ask of meat or wine Who have the milk that madness spills? From brimming breasts of April hills My soul may draw a drink divine. What should I seek of wine or food That brain and muscle may not tire?
Page 13 - Yes, I believe in armies— Beautiful, sun-bright armies, Rising out of the ruins of war As riseth the morning star; Swift to the world's salvation, Splendid, equipped and strong, Not nation armed against nation, But men arrayed against wrong. Braving the perilous places Where evil and war begin, Where the deadliest woe of the race is— Smiting the foe within.
Page 99 - I toss and cannot sleep; When shattered heavens weep and weep As they have wept for many days I know at last 'tis God who prays.
Page 27 - The kitten on the window ledge, The squirrel in his nest— The little, glossy, trembling things With whimpering, soft cries, I see God look at me sometimes Out of their limpid eyes. And often in the twilight hush

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