Foster on Auction: A Complete Exposition of the Latest Developments of Modern Auction, with the Full Code of the Official Laws and 130 Deals from Actual Play

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Page 351 - In all cases where a penalty has been incurred, the offender is bound to give reasonable time for the decision of his adversaries.
Page 348 - ... hand to play his highest or lowest card of the suit led or, if he has none, to trump or not to trump the trick.
Page 348 - ... the surplus card at the end of the hand is considered to have been played to the imperfect trick, but does not constitute a revoke therein.
Page 347 - ... or if when called on to lead one suit, lead another, having in his hand one or more cards of that suit demanded, he incurs the penalty of a revoke.
Page 352 - If a player demand that the cards be placed, he should do so for his own information, and not to call his partner's attention to any card or play.
Page 346 - Any card dropped with its face upward on the table, even though snatched up so quickly that it cannot be named; 3d.
Page 349 - ... revoke, and the error may be corrected, unless the question be answered in the negative, or unless the revoking player or his partner have led or played to the following trick.
Page 352 - A player should not purposely incur a penalty because he is willing to pay it, nor should he make a second revoke to conceal a first. 7. Conversation during the play should be avoided, as it may annoy players at the table or at other tables in the room. 8. The dummy should not leave his seat to watch his partner play. He should not call attention to the score nor to any card or cards that he or the other players hold. 9. If a player say, "I have the rest...
Page 337 - A proven error in the honor score may be corrected at any time before the score of the rubber has been made up and agreed upon. 13.
Page 350 - At the end of a hand, the claimants of a revoke may search all the tricks. If the cards have been 'mixed, the claim may be urged and proved, if possible; but no proof is necessary and the revoke is established, if, after it has been claimed, the accused player or his partner mixes the cards before they have been examined to the satisfaction of the adversaries.

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