Found Health, Wealth, and Time in a Grocery Bag

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Nov 12, 2016 - 248 pages
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FOUND: Health, Wealth and Time in a Grocery bag will be with you every step, every day - when you plan to eat healthy, you will make a list to shop for the best, healthy food, plus you will save time and money while you shop; at home, you will store to maintain that healthy food and cook with healthy recipes that also save you time; making your own healthy "fast food" from the great leftovers, saving more time and money! Next, you will grow that savings to create more - do this every month, every year and you will create a tidy nest egg for the healthy you, at all stages of life ! You could actually save $50-$100-$200 (some will save more) each month by following the steps in this book. The purchase price of the book will easily come back to you in the first month, without a doubt. In a year, you could save anywhere from $600 - $2400, plus interest. If one doesn't follow the steps in this book, a possible $380,000 won't accumulate over time, because one spent an extra $200 per month on groceries than one needed to! Do you want that $380,000 to be lost because you spent an extra $200 per month on groceries? This book is intended for ALL ages, whether you are a parent with a growing family, a young adult just venturing out of the nest, the couple with the grown kids, gone from the nest (but not always!), the recently retired couple, still anticipating a full future, or a definite senior with many twinkles yet at the ready! This book is meant to help you with your intentions, however they may have FOUND you!

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Sheryl Rothert is a former Home Economics teacher, now Financial Advisor, who created a system years ago for her family to eat nutritious, meals while keeping within a spending plan that created more savings for other necessities. Retirement savings was the main focus to start, but then Sheryl found this system also to be the path to more health and more time: easy, quick, low cost nutritious meals for during the week of busy activities. In order to get that result, a plan needed to be in place and it also needed to be easy. The incentive of seeing the savings grow, with compound interest, also helps to stay with the plan in order to achieve significant results. Easy plan, easy system...........great results. Sheryl wanted to share this system for others, so needed to write a book, hence the sharing with you all now

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