Four Generations of Color

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The market will be flooded with reparations books in about six to twelve months. The topic is just that blistering white hot, and it is getting ready to explode into America's consciousness in short order. Be one of the first to get this the most comprehensive book on reparations ever written. It discusses everything in a continuum from ancient Hebrew law, to the September 11,2001 terrorist attacks, to the present middle-east conflict, and how those events reflect on the reparations debate.

For example, does the reader know: (1). That the American Fugitive Slave Laws were illegal as against Hebrew Law, Roman Law, and International Law? (2). That a slave was worth double the hired servant? (3). That the Egyptians paid reparations to the Hebrews after their emancipation? (5). That the Pope already apologized for slavery, nearly 20 years ago? (6). That the Bible indicates that the reparations clock has not run out?

There are hundreds of little known facts in this book, that the reader will find no place else, which separates this book from all the others.

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