Four Treatises for the Reconsideration of the History of Science

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iUniverse, Dec 7, 2003 - History
Was Isaac Newton, considered by many to be the most important scientist of all time, actually a mystical occultist? Was Galileo, often viewed as science's greatest voice of reason, to blame for his conflict with the Catholic Church? "Four Treatises for the Reconsideration of the History of Science" examines these and other momentous episodes in the history of science by shedding light on some of the more prevalent misconceptions regarding our views concerning the genesis of science. Historian and freelance writer, Fabio J. A. Farina, provides an excellent academic introduction to four important case studies necessary for understanding the historical contexts that have influenced science. His arguments show that there is a far more complex interplay of issues, ideologies, and philosophies rather than the simple rationalist evolution as many may view it today. The many interesting concepts and viewpoints presented in this small yet invaluable collection will undoubtedly fuel interest for further research and future discussions.

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