Four plays of the Free Theater: The fossils, by Franc̜ois de Curel; The serenade, by Jean Jullien; Franc̜oise' luck, by Georges de Porto-Riche; The dupe, by Georges Ancey

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Page 262 - S. Perhaps once in a generation a figure of commanding greatness appears, one through whose life the history of his time may be read. There is but one such man today. George Bernard Shaw HIS LIFE AND WORKS A CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY (Authorized) By ARCHIBALD HENDERSON, MAPh.D. Is virtually the story of the social, economic and
Page 268 - the melody of poetry * * * You may read and re-read it, and every reading will fascinate the mind from a fresh angle." "Only a most unusual man, a genius, could have written this book, and it is distinctly worth reading.
Page 268 - On the Seaboard By AUGUST STRINDBERG The Author's greatest psychological novel. Authorized Translation by Elizabeth Clarke Westergren. American-Scandinavian Review: "The description of Swedish life and Swedish scenery makes one positively homesick for the Skargard and its moods. Worcester Evening Gazette:
Page 268 - Classes in Psychology in colleges, and Medical students considering Pathology would derive much information from the observations and reflections of the commissioner who holds the front of the stage whereon are presented sciences as new to the readers of to-day as were those which Frederick Bremer unfolded to the fathers and mothers of critics and observers in this first quarter of the Twentieth Century.
Page xxxii - was that of liberating the modern French stage of all schools and literary coteries. A day will come when greater justice will be done our dramatic era, when the full extent of its originality and independence will be fully realized. The originality and independence of which I speak are due for the most part to the
Page 177 - [gratefully]. Oh, Monsieur. GUERIN. I am willing he should live, because he is so dear, so necessary to you. Keep him. If he wants to spoil your happiness, his be the blame ! I shall not do it! It would be sacrilege! Goodby, Madame, good-by.
Page 177 - No, then; I shall not try to kill him. You love him too much! I couldn't do it now! In striking him I should be injuring you, and you don't deserve to suffer; you have betrayed no one! The happiness you have just taught me to know is as sacred and inviolable as my honor, my unhappiness. I shall not seek revenge.
Page 165 - MARCEL. But, Madeleine — MADELEINE. Don't call me Madeleine. MARCEL. Madame Guerin! Madame Guerin! if I told you how much your telegram meant to me ! How excited I was! I trembled when I read it! MADELEINE. I'll warrant you read it before your wife? MARCEL. It was so charming of you ! MADELEINE. How depraved you are!

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