Four Plays of the Free Theater: The Fossils, by Franc̜ois de Curel; The Serenade, by Jean Jullien; Franc̜oise' Luck, by Georges de Porto-Riche; The Dupe, by Georges Ancey

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Stewart & Kidd Company, 1914 - 257 pages

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Page 262 - Perhaps once in a generation a figure of commanding greatness appears, one through whose life the history of his time may be read. There is but one such man today. George Bernard Shaw HIS LIFE AND WORKS A CRITICAL BIOGRAPHY (Authorized) By ARCHIBALD HENDERSON, MAPH.D. Is virtually the story of the social, economic and .•esthetic life of the last twenty-five years.
Page 266 - Fables, the Parables of the Scriptures and many others of the most effective lessons ever given. Boston Globe: A popular drama. * * * There is no doubt about the book being a delightful companion in the library. In charm of fancy and grace of imagery the story may not be unfairly classed with "The Blue Bird
Page 266 - Lucky Pehr By AUGUST STRINDBERG Authorized Translation by Velma Swanston Howard. An allegorical drama in five acts. Compared favorably to Barrie's "Peter Pan" and Maeterlinck's "The Blue Bird." Rochester Post Express: Strindberg has written many plays which might be described as realistic nightmares. But this remark does not apply to "Lucky Pehr.
Page 265 - The story of Pandora is so set down as to bring out its stage possibilities. Told by Mrs. Rogers in exquisite language." Salt Lake Tribune: "The tale is charmingly wrought and has possibilities as a simple dramatic production, as well as being a delightful morsel of light reading." Cincinnati Enquirer: "The love story is delightfully told and the dramatic action of the play is swift and strong." Buffalo Express: "It is a delightful bit of fancy with a dramatic and poetic setting." Boston Woman's...
Page 264 - Suitable for Women's Clubs, Girls' Schools, etc. While elaborate enough for big presentation, they may be given very simply. Review of Reviews: "Mary MacMillan offers 'SHORT PLAYS,' a collection of pleasant one to three-act plays for women's clubs, girls' schools, and home parlor production. Some are pure comedies, others gentle satires on women's faults and foibles. 'The Futurists,' a skit on a woman's club in the year 1882, is highly amusing. 'Entr' Act' is a charming trifle that brings two quarreling...
Page xxv - Plays in which life supplies movement begin to take the place of those in which movement supplied life. Complicated plots give way to simple stories; the play of intrigue is offset by the study of reality; characters become natural, classic; the tragic and comic are no longer mingled; the genres have become distinct.
Page 176 - Too unjust! You are right, Monsieur ! No matter how cynical, how blase a man may be, isn't it his duty, his sacred duty to say to himself, " I have found a good and true woman in this world of deception; she is a woman who adores me, who is only too ready to invent any excuse for me ! She bears my name and honors it; no matter what I do, she is always true, of that I am positive. I am always foremost in her thoughts, and I shall be her only love.
Page 259 - ... and places it on the escritoire. Then, with the light in his hand, he goes to the door, left. On the threshold he pauses and turns, taking in the whole room with his eyes. He breathes deeply, as if relieved of a burden, then goes out. The dark room remains empty for a while, then [CURTAIN.] THE END A SELECTED LIST OF DRAMATIC LITERATURE PUBLISHED BY STEWART & KIDD COMPANY CINCINNATI STEWART & KIDD COMPANY Four Plays of the Free Theater Francois de Curel's The Fossils Jean Jullien's The Serenade...
Page 269 - The Hamlet Problem and Its Solution By EMERSON VENABLE The tragedy of Hamlet has never been adequately interpreted. Two hundred years of critical discussion has not sufficed to reconcile conflicting impressions regarding the scope of Shakespeare's design in this, the first of his great philosophic tragedies. We believe that all those studentt who are interested in the study of Shakespeare will find this "volume of great value.

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