Four Young Explorers: Or, Sight-seeing in the Tropics

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Lee and Shepard, 1896 - Voyages and travels - 357 pages

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Page 294 - You must understand," says Marco Polo, " that the Emperor has caused a water communication to be made from this city (Kwachau) to Cambaluc, in the shape of a wide and deep channel dug between stream and stream, lake and lake, forming, as it were, a great river on which large vessels can ply."— YULE'S Marco Polo, vol.
Page 292 - Book of Golden Deeds," the noble story of the Christian chief tainess who, in order to persuade her subjects to become Christians also, went down into the crater and defied the goddess of the volcano, and came back unhurt and triumphant. But if you look at the map, you will see that there are many, many more. Get Keith Johnston's Physical Atlas from the schoolroom — of course it is there (for a schoolroom without a physical atlas is like a needle without an eye) — and look at the map which is...
Page 4 - All who are in favor of that amendment will say "aye;" opposed, "no." The amendment is lost. The question is now on the original motion by Mrs.
Page 296 - ... retaining walls of brick, rising from granite foundations, the space between being filled up with stones and earth. The breadth of it at the base is about 25 feet, at the top 15, and the height varies from 15 to 30 feet. The surface at the top was covered with bricks, and is now overgrown with grass. What foreigners go to visit from Peking is merely a loop-wall of later formation, inclosing portions of Chih-lt and Shanhsi.
Page 4 - ... the week upon which to take this vote. I am quite sure a larger attendance would greet the settlement of this question on Wednesday afternoon than it would on Tuesday afternoon, and I trust that the amendment may be withdrawn to substitute Tuesday instead of Wednesday. If it is not withdrawn, then I hope the amendment will be voted down and that the original motion will prevail.
Page 266 - ... the river, but it was night when he got there and the summer cloud sitting on the bank made it very dark, so they waited for morning. During the night, they saw the glare of the Thunderbird's eye, weak and faint like the northern light, but towards morning it grew stronger and glanced towards them. As soon as it was light enough for them to see, the wizard shook the tail of the boat and it rose to the top of the water. They got into it quickly and it carried them away very fast. It carried them...
Page 301 - Manchfl portion combine with the imposing walls and their lofty towers to make the visitor think for a time that he has arrived at the grandest city of the. world. When you enter the house of a"well-to-do family, you find the furniture sufficient, though somewhat scanty and not luxurious. The floor may be covered with matting, but not with a carpet or rugs. The tables and straight-backed chairs are of a dark, heavy wood resembling ebony. A few pictures, not works of art, are hung on the walls, along...
Page 308 - ... with other eastern peoples, temperate, industrious, cheerful, and easily contented. They are addicted to gambling, and are generally held to be given also to mendacity and larceny. Many of them are so ; and where is the country where there are not many such ? The longer one lives among them, however, the better he likes them, and the better he thinks of them. They bury their dead in graves which are built round in the form of a horseshoe, and often with much display and at great expense. The...
Page 162 - ... Aglaophon, and the painter warned me, "If you go too near the picture, Socrates, you will see only colored spots, but you will not see the whole picture." HIPPOCRATES Of course, he was right, and so were you, when you did not let us finish our discussion before we got to the heart of the question. But I think it is time for us to return to the city because the shadows of night are falling and I am hungry and thirsty. IF you still have some patience, I would like to ask you something while we...
Page 307 - There are seven lawful grounds for divorcing a wife from her husband, — disobedience to her husband's parents ; failure to give birth to a son ; dissolute conduct ; jealousy of her man, especially in regard to the other wives ; talkativeness ; thieving ; and leprosy.

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