Front Cover, Jul 1, 2005 - Fiction - 216 pages
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Freaknic is coming! No, not the real thing - the black college version of spring break. It's Pat Patterson's latest novel. Norman Chester, college computer guru, develops a decryption program that breaks entry codes to secure websites. While giving the software a road test, he stumbles upon a plot by urban terrorists to bomb Freaknic into oblivion. When Norman turns up dead, and the Atlanta Police pass it off as just another drive-by shooting, Maddie Kincaid, his girlfriend, says, "No way!" So, with the help of a rag-tag bunch of fraternity brothers, she takes matters into her own hands. While searching for a killer in the underbelly of Atlanta, Georgia, Maddie also finds that she and Dottie, two women from opposite sides of the tracks, have more similarities than differences. Set in the backdrop of the teeming Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Freaknic is a gripping, yet unsettling suspense story that will also titillate the sexual sensibilities.

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