Freedom from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Personalized Recovery Program for Living with Uncertainty

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Penguin, Sep 7, 2004 - Self-Help - 320 pages
Nearly six million Americans suffer from the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can manifest itself in many ways: paralyzing fear of contamination; unmanageable “checking” rituals; excessive concern with order, symmetry, and counting; and others.
Freedom from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder provides Dr. Jonathan Grayson’s revolutionary and compassionate program for finally breaking the cycle of overwhelming fear and endless rituals, including: 
  • Self-assessment tests that guide readers in identifying their specific type of OCD and help track their progress in treatment
  • Case studies from Dr. Grayson’s revolutionary and profoundly successful treatment program
  • Blueprints for programs tailored to particular manifestations of OCD
  • Previously unexplored manifestations of OCD such as obsessive staring, Relationship OCD (R-OCD), obsessive intolerance of environmental sounds and chewing sounds
  • Therapy scripts to help individuals develop their own therapeutic voice, to motivate themselves to succeed
  • New therapies used in conjunction with exposure techniques
  • “Trigger sheets” for identifying and planning for obstacles that arise in treatment
  • Information on building a support group
  • And much more

Demystifying the process of OCD assessment and treatment, this indispensable book helps sufferers make sense of their own compulsions through frank, unflinching self-evaluation, and provides not only the knowledge of how to change—but the courage to do it.


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Its Not All Learned
Its Not All Biology
What Sufferers Fear
What Sufferers Do
Response Prevention
Intolerance of Uncertainty
BlackandWhite Thinking Also Known as AllorNone Thinking
HitandRunInjury to Others with Your Car
Protecting the WorldInjury to Others in Public Places
Problems with Reading and Understanding
Problems with Conversation
Forgetting andor Loss
OrderingSymmetry Rituals
Counting Rituals

Overimportance of Thoughts Also Known as ThoughtAction Fusion TAF
Inflated Sense of Responsibility
Using Tools of CBT
The Downward Arrow Also Known as Vertical Arrow and WhatIf Technique
The Survey Method
The DoubleStandard Method
Socratic Questioning
CostBenefit Analysis
Answering the Voice of OCD
Distraction and Refocusing
Damage and Injury in the Home
Movement Rituals
Violent Obsessions
Sexual Obsessions
Religious Obsessions
Neutral Obsessions
Obsessions About Obsessing
Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD
Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD

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About the author (2004)

Jonathan Grayson, PhD, is the director of the Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Philadelphia. A nationally recognized expert who has worked with OCD sufferers for more than three decades, Dr. Grayson was awarded the Patricia Perkins International OCD Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 for his work with OCD. In 1981 he organized the first OCD support group in the country, to which he still donates his time. He lives in Philadelphia.

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