From Ashes: A Deep Canyon Tale

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Trafford Publishing, 2002 - Fiction - 269 pages
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FROM ASHES - A Deep Canyon Tale, a romantic novel of the West, revolves on the theme that life restores after tragedy. This theme touches every reader's experience either directly or vicariously. In FROM ASHES - A Deep Canyon Tale, the heroine, Casey Garrett, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and gradually succumbs to the horrors of a seemingly forgotten trauma. Her spine-tingling story showcases the healing power of family love.

FROM ASHES - A Deep Canyon Tale unfolds in pristine Montana wilderness during elk season. Casey, world-renown guide, experiences puzzling flashbacks and frightening nightmares while she contends with a rogue hunter and survives an employee's treachery, a grizzly attack and a fierce mountain blizzard. Casey's loving family, both in this life and beyond it, nourishes her ability to expunge stress disorder demons.

Wilderness adventures and the heroine's unique story set FROM ASHES - A Deep Canyon Tale apart from other western novels. Multilevel plot development captures readers' imaginations through human encounters and wilderness descriptions and scenes. Readers gain insight into the mysterious horrors of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the inexorable progress of the illness. Most importantly, readers applaud Casey's recovery through the power of family love abetted by professional assistance.

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