From Creation to Eternity: Searching for God Through Science and Religion

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Raymond Jerome, 2010 - Philosophy - 158 pages
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"Sometimes I have a difficult time accepting my good fortune to be living at this particular time -- nothing has made me feel more that way than reading Dr. Jerome's fascinating, realistic, and informative book. It is a "treasure house" of wonderful information, useful knowledge, and excellent writing.
This book essentially takes the basic religious truths that have been handed down to us over hundreds of years from our major world religions and shows how current findings in subatomic particle physics, quantum theory, and laser technology gives us a way of seeing how they may well be agreeing on the same basic truths that construct and maintain our matter and spiritual existence.
Larry Dossey, M.D., President of Isthmus Institute and author of "Space, Time, and Medicine" and "Beyond Illness," has written an excellent introduction and endorses Dr. Jerome's work. I believe that any creditable scientist would do the same and certainly every New Thought student should be enthusiastic about the work. This book is not 'another scientific text.' It is that, of course, but is so much more and such 'fun' reading. Take a look at this book which is entertaining, informative, and above all else, a book which has great application to daily living." -- Jack H. Holland, PhD., D.D. -- Theologian, Reviewer of scientific and theological literature for "The New Thought Quarterly," and Director of The Institute for Human Growth and Awareness.
"Dr. Jerome's book just might be one of the most important books of this era. It explains the holographic nature of God's consciousness in terms that are understandable." -- Tommy Sellers, communications expert in computer science and laser research.
"Dr. Jerome personifies a new breed of human now emerging. He is a scientist who realizes that his science represents only part of the path to understand his existence and his reality. It is an essential part, but incomplete in itself. To be whole, to be balanced in life, he knows it is necessary to discover the path's other essential part.
As the parts of the path become visible before him, Dr. Jerome integrates them for us. As he says in his preface:
If science is right, and if religion is also
right, then they must allude to the same
basic truths. The quest to uncover this
'sameness' is the goal of this book
This is a sensitive and beautiful book written by an admirable man. It deserves to be read, then pondered, then reread, and finally, referred to often." -- John C. Carls, PhD. in particle physics and author of "What It Means To Be Human."

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