From Victim to Victor to Victim Again

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Trafford Publishing, 2004 - Social Science - 106 pages
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This provocative publication is a culmination of several years of research, interviews and surveys to determine the extent of racism in Thailand. The initial study began in 1964, during the Viet Nam War, when the author was in Thailand serving as an Industrial Missionary. While there, he encountered racial bias on a personal level and decided to base his Master's thesis on a study of the degree of prejudice existing in this country.

"Prejudice not only hurts its holder and damages its victim, but also creates an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust which tends to destroy all who are touched by it. The question therefore arises, will the lesson of America's cities also be the lesson of Bangkok?"

Follow-up observations were completed 35 years later to determine whether or not any progress had been made since the first study, after which Thailand had experienced an unprecedented population growth and the absence of American military personnel.

"Thailand of the year 2000 was positioned to be the most appropriate prototype of the kind of inclusive society that many countries only dream of becoming..."

Between 2001 and 2002, another extensive effort, involving interviews and surveys, was initiated to measure the social distance between the Africans and Thais.

"...racial prejudice has a double edge. It damages both its holder and its victim. The prejudiced persons are hurt because they lose their ability for critical thought and react blindly in terms of stereotypes; they become less Christian, less Buddhist, less caring, and even less productive members of the Thai society, as far as creative thinking and change for the best goes. The victims of prejudice, are hurt because they become the persons created by the false image of themselves that is projected by those prejudiced persons."

The results and comparisons of the author's research are described in depth in the pages of this book, along with his professional analysis of the situation as it existed over the last 50 years and at the present time. In 2004, the author will return to Bangkok, Thailand to oversee a larger scientific study and the implementation of its findings.


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